Wish list | Scarves

Fringed Cable Knit Scarf |
This one is a traditional scarf I have seen growing up. I actually never owned one so I really wanted one. The color is so pretty and I like that it is traditional for the winter weather. Overall I think it is such a pretty scarf and I have a lot of clothes that will match it. 

Heavy Embellished Scarf |
I love embellishments on my scarf because the add some detail to your outfit. I usually don’t wear jewelry in the winter and just wear scarves as my accessory. I like that it isn’t too overdone and it isn’t too little. I love the color of it too and it is a very nice neutral colored scarf. 

Multi-Colored Fuzzy Scarf |
I remember I had a scarf like this
when i was a preteen! I used to wear it with everything and even when it
didn’t really match my outfit. I used to love it to pieces and I would
love when it got cold so i could wear it non stop. When i saw this one
it brought back some good memories so I had to put it in my wish list.

What type of scarf do you like to wear?



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