Sunday Summaries | November 18, 2012

| bought a new bow | found my favorite headband | new mini teddy bear book | 

| yummy strawberry ice cream cone | started watching Revenge | aftermath of taking blog photos | 

| dunkin’ dounut for breakfast | went to go see Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 | dream wedding cake |

01 | I haven’t done anything very interesting this week. I did some cleaning up so I found some things I was missing. I also bought a cute bow at my favorite accessory shop the other day to add to my collection of bows. The notebook was bought to keep track of my cars records. I like keeping organized and saw this cute notebook and i needed a reason to buy it so I just keep it in my car.

02 | Started watching Revenge and I fell in love! It is such a great show and it has been keeping me busy for days now. I finally got caught up and have been following along now that i have watched all the episodes. I have been loving this ice cream. I always buy one when i head to that grocery store which is bad but i don’t go food shopping all the time. For some reason there was a burst of inspiration in me to take blog pictures the other day. I usually am to lazy and just not taking so many of them. I am so happy i got it done and I have a lot stocked up so I have more scheduled posts coming! That wasn’t even half of the products I took pictures of. This was the second batch and i had to put the others back since my small place can’t handle all of them and plus my desk was a mess afterward.

03 | So  I went to the mall with my dad yesterday to pick up his close friend. I do not know why we met him at the mall but it was the closets to both our houses. He treated me to some doughnuts and I was craving some for days. I ended up not eating them all so I took some home with me. I didn’t get a coffee but i did get some orange juice which has been a morning drink for me lately. Later on that day I went back and watched Breaking Dawn. I don’t want to say anything about it right now so I’ll leave that for later. I saw such a pretty cake when i was leaving the theater. I told myself it would be my wedding cake someday!

04 | I haven’t had a great week. I’ve had some personal problems and I do not want to talk about it. I am so stressed out and I don’t know what to do anymore. I want to say more but I did mentions some things in the past on my blog. Things aren’t looking up and I feel like everything is getting worse. I am debating a big decision at the same time so it is getting me down inside. I have been putting my energy in blogging because it seems like if I occupy my mind i feel better. Well, I should stop before i tear up again. And thanks for the concern in my other personal posts it does make me smile a little more each time.

What have you been looking forward to this week?



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  1. Jayne Becca
    November 18, 2012 / 4:20 pm

    Aw, I hope you are feeling better soon. Might be best if you have a chat to someone about it, you'll feel better for it! By the way – Revenge is amazing! x

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