Friday Favorites | 11.23.12

Favorite Makeup Product | Revlon Photo ready Pressed Powder
I haven’t worn foundation lately and I have been using a pressed powder. I like it and it leaves a nice finish. I just have to apply it throughout the day but I’m fine with it.

Favorite Hair Product | Lush No Drought
I only used this a few times since I bought it. But recently I have been using it even more because I have been very busy. I like it so far and will be doing a review on it soon.

Favorite Skincare Product | Lush Ocean Salt
Another Lush product i know! My skin has been a tad bit dry and I used this to exfoliate. I forgot how much I liked this. I don’t know why I stopped using it for a while. I need to stock up though since I’m running out. I so need to repurchase this the next time I’m at Lush.

Favorite Website | Blogger
I have organized all my posts and I have changed my blog layout. I am so happy that I got to post a lot this month so that is why it has been my favorite site. I’m surprised I had so much unwanted draft posts from a while ago I got rid of. Plus I got all done with my layout and plus I designed all by scratch. I am getting more good at HTML and I am enjoying it.

Favorite TV Show | Once Upon a Time
Again, I am in love with this series. Since I’ve been concentrating more on my classes and doing my studies I have missed a few weeks of this show. And I hate to admit that I’ve been neglecting this show to watch Revenge. So since I had 3 unwatched episodes to watch I sat down yesterday and caught up. It made me fall in love again and I missed watching.

Favorite Song | Stay Stay Stay – Taylor Swift
Yet again, another Taylor Swift song. I don’t know yet which is my favorite album from her but this is close competition with Speak Now. I like this one in particular because its just so fun and plus it’s so cute. All the songs on the album are good. I hope next week I can find some new songs!

What did you start loving this week?



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