Fashion Finds | Little Black Dress

So I have a formal dinner party coming up with someone very special to me and I thought I should wear a little black dress. I don’t have one yet and so I thought I should do a fashion finds on
it. I haven’t been to one in so long and honestly I am so unsure of what I need to think about for that day. I don’t know if I should be too formal or play it safe with a semi-formal piece. I have no idea what I want but I have some ideas in mind like the ones above.

01 | Edgy & Glamorous
The dress gave off a very edgy vibe so I had to pair it with red. And since I have been loving red a little too much lately (maybe because of Taylor Swift’s album) I love the lace and the peplum of the dress which is so pretty and makes it even more dark and mysterious. The clutch is so cute with this dress and I love the floppy bow it has on it. My favorite would have to be the earrings and the shoes. The shoes make it even more edgy because they are booties. I always wanted a pair like these too so i picked them. The earrings are so pretty and very elegant for the outfit to put it all together.

02 | Casual & Cute
This one is very laid back and cute. I was thinking I shouldn’t go all out and just be the most awkward human being there but I do like this outfit very much. I choose everything to be simple and have very little details so it wouldn’t attract attention. I love that the dress gives off the effect to so it all blends together. I love the shoes but my favorite is the earrings. I love them so much and really want to find a pair of my own.

03 | Elegant & Formal
This one is very formal and I feel it can be such an elegant outfit for something special. I wouldn’t wear this for the occasion I am going to but I do want to wear it  to something else like a wedding. I really wanted to have a gold theme with this outfit just like the red to have some pops of color because I love color and hate wearing all black or extreme amounts of dark color on. The shoes are definitely a pretty touch because i have almost the same exact ones which I wore to my debutant ball a year ago. They were gold and sparkly like this one.

04 | Simple & Girly
I know I am very girly and have a girly style so I wanted to express myself with this outfit. I love the pink I added and the feel of light colors even if the season is different. My favorite part of the whole thing is the shoes. I love the details and the color of it. I love the style of this dress because it is classic and a nice cut. I love dresses like these so I might pick one up for my night but all the rest are so pretty too. I just have to see which I will end up getting.

What kind of little black dress do you have?



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