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I have seen some cute jumpers around and thought they were adorable.I wanted to feature some pretty ones I found because they are so fun to wear in the cooler months. I love how they come in cute patterns and have different designs to them and you can express yourself with the print.To me, they are the best things to wear during these seasons. I used to love wearing these with jeans and leggings. But where I live now it makes me wish I could wear this again and since it is so hot and never cools down that much wearing these would just make me uncomfortable.

01 | Purple Star Jumper
I had a jumper like this when i was young so this one reminded me of it. I used to love wearing it and plus it was the same color as the one I had. I don’t remember the color of the star but I know they are similar. I know the colors are very light and spring colors but this was just a pretty piece to pick.

02 | Pink My Boyfirend’s a Prince Jumper
The sayings jumpers are always very cute. I wanted one that had a quote on it but this one was the closest I could find. I do like the saying on it though since I believe in fairy tales and think I deserve a prince for a boyfriend. The frog detail is fun because of the story and the movie. 

03 | White Love Jumper
I love the details of this jumper and i love that it is white since I have been loving wearing white recently. The details on the lettering are animal print which is also in trend.This is my favorite out of all of them because it is simple and not very detailed and it isn’t really childish.

04 | Peach Kitty Jumper
I really loved this color and the kitty print was a nice touch. It is such a good color for fall too. I’m not a big fan of cats but this one was too cute to pass up.Plus the cat looks like he has a mask on making it fun for Halloween time.

What do you love wearing in Autumn weather?


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