Nails | Vampire Blood Drip

| China Glaze – Velvet Bow |

| BNC – Red Delight | 

| China Glaze – Non Yellowing Top Coat |

I really wanted to get into the Halloween spirt and I decided to start of with my nails! I dont think I have anything planned for Halloween this week but I do want to do something since it is my favorite holiday! I like that it is something different for me to try and it looked like a fun and cute design. I was on pinterest even more lately because the app of the app on my iphone so I seen this and thought it was easy enough for me to do and plus I finally have the right colors.

It was pretty simple to do. All I did was paint a tip onto my nails and then I didn’t actually let it drip down but I painted stripes and messed them up a little to get the drip effect. I really like how they turned put and they are definitely very dark and vampy which I have never tried.

From afar it actually looks like there is blood dripping from my nails and that I hurt myself. It was so funny when my aunt and my cousin saw my nails and were so worried about me. They thought i had hurt myself and was very panicked. I actually scared my little cousin into thinking it was real blood and that i had been injured. I got a few giggles at their reaction.

So I hope you like my semi vampire nails and that you will try them too!

What are on you nails this Halloween?


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