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I thought I should do my nails again because I haven’t painted them for 2 weeks and I neglected my chipped almost gone nail polish. Since I haven’t done my nails in a while I forgot how easy for me it is to paint them. It took me 5 minutes for my left hand and maybe 7 for my right. The drying didn’t take to long this time either so I might be doing my nails a lot more now like I did before.

I just had these sequins lying in my craft box and I thought it would be fun to stick on my nails. I didn’t want to concentrate on designing something on my nails and i didn’t wanted to waste my little gems and nail stickers so this would be a fun alternative.

The were pretty simple to do! I just painted my nails with my base color and on the finger I wanted the sequin. I just applied my top coat to the back of the sequin and placed it on the wet nail polish and before it dried I pushed it in place where I wanted it. 

I have finally found a great place to take my pictures of my nails and I hope my photography is improving! I am taking a class on photography right now for my major and I have learned a lot of stuff from it. I have been practicing and taking more blog pictures so I hope you like the quality and I hope I can get better too!

What do you use instead of nail stickers?


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