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It has been a while since I did this type of fashion finds so I thought i would take the time and do one again. I forgot how fun it was to make this kind of post and when I finished I thought it was so rewarding and made me feel good. I love when you love doing something it doesn’t feel like work but more like a gift and pleasure.

I have wanted a pair of floral shoes for a while but haven’t seem to find a pair that i truly love. So, I got this inspiration to look around some more until I do find the right ones.

Again, I picked four outfits of different styles to go along with the shoes. I tried to explore different styles I like and see in public and magazines and I am definitely happy with the choices and would love to create outfits like this to actually wear.

01 | Elegant and Girly
I thought this outfit was so pretty to put together. the inspiration for this outfit really was the spring color trends and light browns to make it have a neutral vibe. The accessory of this outfit was a simple floppy hat which i thought made it come together. I love the light tones in the shoe so i tried to have the outfit more toned down and not be bright together.

02 | Sweet and Classic
This outfit’s inspiration was cute and girly. I wanted something fun and this is so what I love wearing. I love light pinks and lace and thought this would be a perfect outfit for just going out to a mall and I would even wear it to classes. I love the bow because i love wearing bows so I thought the accessory really complemented the colors of the skirt and top. An outfit worth thinking about if you love girly and feminine pieces like me.

03 | Sophisticated and Chic
This outfit was for a night out for me. I thought it was nice to have the floral wedges contrast with a black dress. This was the hardest outfit to make for me but I think it turned out fine. The colors are a little more darker then I wanted so i added the colorful bracelet to show the colors of the shoe. The headband one me over because of the pretty detail it would give to the outfit.

04 | Edgy and Laid-Back
I love this outfit because it is so laid back and has a girly vibe but it doesn’t look to harsh. I love wearing things like this so I thought pairing floral shoes to this would be perfect. The scarf reminded me so much like the shoes so I thought it would compliment each other and pull the outfit together. This is more of an autumn outfit which would be good since fall is coming up.

What would you pair with floral shoes?


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