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Lush has become a weakness of mine. I love their products and cannot resist myself from going in to their shop and browse. But when i browse I buy at least something, which is bad when I have low money. Neither the less I am always lurking their sites for different products. I also read many reviews about different products on beauty blogs. Somehow I always want something when I’m through doing my research. The store I always go to is super helpful too and they know me by name now. I guess I am a little addicted since I’m always popping by when I’m at that mall.

01 | Buffy Body Butter
Numerous reviews have convinced me that I need this exfoliate. I love exfoliating products and this has a soft touch to it. It also says it makes your body smoother and softer which I am definitely hoping for. The last time I went in to their shop it felt amazing when I got to touch it and try a sample. Next time this is the first thing I am purchasing.

02 | Poridge Soap
I know another exfoliate type soap but I think I need to stock up on some products to exfoliate with since i have so many scented ones.I hear it is very moisturizing and my skin is in dire need of more moisture since the weather is so weird where I live plus it is very humid and dry so I think that might add to why my skin gets dry easier. The smell is not that bad either I like that it smells like oatmeal well I think because it has oats in it and well the name is porridge. Whenever I think that name it reminds me of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.

03 | Honey I Trapped the Kids Soap
This has an amazing smell! I smelt it in the store and was in heaven. I love sweet scents so this was really pretty to smell. I have the body wash equivalent which is “It’s Raining Men” but I think I might pick this soap up the next time I am in Lush. I love the little honeycomb top it has and it looks so realistic because I have seen a real one and it does have similarities but not as much as the actual one. And the name is so cute too! I enjoyed this movie when I was a kid and thought it was the funniest thing ever. I really want to go watch the movie now!

What is a soap you want from Lush right now?


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