Sunday Summeries | July 22, 2012

001 | I have been sick for the past 2 weeks with the flu so I didn’t feel like doing anything at all. The doctor thought i had a very bad sickness or disease but turns out they were wrong. It was pretty bad since I had a high temperature and my body just hurt like crazy. I was in very bad shape too. I thought i had to go to the hospital which scared me since I hate hospitals with a passion. I finally got over it after being in bed for 2 weeks. My body is better but i am trying not to do much until I get back to my regular self.

002 | I’m sad to say I lost my blogging energy a week before I got sick and then I got the flu so it just made it worst. Maybe because I was doing so much work and couldn’t concentrate at all. I also was trying to renovate my blog layout and when I couldn’t get it the way I wanted I just gave up and left it alone. Now I am back in the mood to blog and I have some special things planned next month which I will say in a few days once I get everything wrote down and finalized.

003 | I have been in bed like I said and I have been watching various TV shows on my laptop and it has made me feel so much better. I have been watching reruns and getting into new shows that I would have never watched. But my favorite is Scooby doo! I have been just watching any and every Scooby doo episode. And plus I discover there is a new series which I forgot the name but I have never watched it before and it is so fun and brings back some happy childhood memories.

004 | I redid my blog design! I think it is so cute and I am in love with it! I was working on it about 3 weeks ago but after getting sick I just had to stay away from everything to recover. I finally finished it early and i think it turned out great. I still need to change a few things but overall I love it and think it suites me. What do you guys think?

005 | Now that I have gone back to school I have missed so much. I have so many projects and so much work to start on. I don’t know if I can catch up right away. The professors understand so I might get an extension which is going to be very helpful. My major subjects have so many things I need to do and they are long term projects so this is bumming me out. I hope I can get through this!

Pretty much a very boring week. Sorry there were no pictures I will definitely try this next week! I might get a new phone so that means I might get instagram soon and it will be easier to do these kind of posts.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends.

What do you do when your sick?


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  1. sataa
    July 22, 2012 / 4:15 pm

    Hope you get well soon and start blogging again , and I love the blog design it's Pink and girly 🙂

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