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I really want to get back into nail art lately but just couldn’t because I had no idea what design i wanted painted on my nails. So, I went to blogs and pinterest to get some inspiration on nails I can recreate on myself.

I love floral nails and think they are so feminine and I want to try them again. I already tried my version of them. I also tried cupcakes and polka dots and even stripes. But I want to get into the harder more prettier designs if I can. When I get some free time I will definitely start practicing and try some of these designs out!

I’m still trying to learn animal print on paper before I do it on my nails. I think it is a fun trend to try and it looks pretty in a lot of color combination’s I have seen. I really want to try it with an ombre background since I have seen many on different blogs and pinterest and tumblr.

Bows are another thing I want to learn to do. They are my signature and I would love to sport them on my nails too! If any of you have any tutorials on how to do a bow that is easy please leave a link. I would love to try it! I have tried before but it was a mess and I messed it up so it looked very funky. I hope I get better because this will be the design i try next when I do my nails. 

Credit goes to pinterest and to the rightful owners of these pictures. I just used them for inspiration nothing more.

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What do you think of nail art?



  1. Squared
    July 23, 2012 / 11:53 pm

    super cute nails!!

  2. Pretty Wonderful
    July 24, 2012 / 4:02 pm

    I love all of these! So pretty! Love your new layout and everything too, it's super cute! Do you mind if I ask how you made it or where you got it from? I really want to make a nice layout, but I'm not very good at all this technical stuff! lol x

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