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I’ve been browsing The Body Shop site lately and found things I really want! I hate browsing and window shopping on various sites because I end up wanting things. But as soon as pay day comes I might treat myself to one of the following.

01 | Brow & Liner Kit
I really wanted a brow kit but all the ones I seen were out of my budget for the moment so I this would be a good alternative. I always wanted to try to fill in my brows and I think a palette like this would teach me. I have read some blogs saying it is perfect for a relax day where you don’t want to wear makeup and look a little more put together. That is what I am searching for. And don’t you think the compact is so cute!

02 | Vanilla Body Lotion
I love the scent of vanilla and I love smelling it constantly so this would be perfect for me. My arms and legs have been on the dry side lately and I am not in the mood with the lotions I have since some don’t have any scent and are mostly ones with SPF in it so it makes my skin a little more oily than I like. I think it is time to invest in a good lotion because of the weather changing a lot lately. And since I have been shaving often since I am taking vitamins I think it will give my skin a little bit more moisture and softness.

03 | Tea Tree Exfoliating Pads
When I saw this I thought it would be great for my late nights after classes. I love using facial wipes and when I read that it is great for oily skin and gets rid of all the dirt on the surface of your face I was sold. I know it is bad but since I don’t wear makeup everyday I don’t exfoliate my face that often. My skincare routine has been varying lately so I need some good facial wipes to tide me over. It is also great on the days where it is just so hot. They give a great relief from the heat since they are so cold.

What shops have you been window shopping lately?



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