Outfit | that classic fairytale

| top // Mossimo |

| cardigan // West Bay |

| tanktop // Forever21 |

| leggings // Margo |

| bag // Robins |

| shoes // Payless |

This was my first day of wearing regular clothes. I need to wear a uniform 4 out of my 6 days of classes so at least this semester I might get more outfit posts in. I am definitely going to be taking more since i have discovered more clothing options and mix and matching ideas.

The cardigan helped cause it was so cold that day and the air condition was doing any good for the gloomy day. It was actually raining all day so I was lucky getting these pictures in but in my last few shots the rain took over again. These are my favorite leggings right now cause they are opaque and are really good pants. I usually wear leggings since it has been gloomy and it is just comfy for a half a day class.

The shoes will be featured in this Saturday’s fashion finds so you will seem them up close.I already took pictures before I wore them. I explain more in detail when I finish the other post.

My bag was featured in lats fashion finds. I love this bag and it can go with most of my outfits and looks really classy which has been a style I’ve been picking up lately. I love the bag gives the outfit a little more color. And is very good in matching the patter in my shirt.

This is by far my favorite outfit because of the way it looks and feels. It is so put together yet it is very comfy to wear.

And my doggy joined in with me. She really wanted to get in a shot cause she wouldn’t leave me alone while taking this. You can see my other one in the background to. Whenever I take my camera and tripod out they just think it’s okay for them to join in.

What do you feel comfortable in when you head to university?



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