School Shopping 2012 Haul

I did this post last year on this day so I thought I would do it again. Can you believe this was my first post on my blog!? I cannot believe my blog will turn one in a few days! I cannot believe how time can go so fast. Okay enough about being sentimental. The best part of resuming classes is the shopping that comes with it. I have loved school supply shopping since I could remember. This gets me a little more excited for the upcoming year but I think the excitement is just coming from the new things I get to use.

I didn’t buy as many things like I did last year because i really didn’t need much. I started my 3rd year of university and most of my subjects are pretty much all major. Mostly all are going to be making a project so writing isn’t big for me this year. Plus a student budge is tough so I couldn’t really buy things that i would use and forget like i did in my previous years. I think I did pretty good considering though.

I took these at night and the lighting isn’t quite right but since I started school I am mostly gone during the day. Unlike last year where I took my pictures a week before school had started. I was late this year in buying stuff so I needed to rush these. The weather is gloomy too so it wouldn’t look as good in the daytime either. 

Like last year my notebooks were not ordinary. I like having pretty designs and prints and I loved these two notebooks! I love the pink one the most because of the color and the details it has plus it sparkles how pretty.The blue one isn’t my favorite but I needed two. The designs the same but not as pretty as the pink. Both were 229.99php or $5.38 a piece a rather high price for such a small notebook. It is good quality and has very nice paper so I will definitely get some use out of it.

For pens i just bought these ones that I had bought before but they ran out of ink. They came in super pretty colors so that is what made me get them even more. I love that they are pastel and are very good in writing. They are a fine tip which I love and they are very black and can be read easily when i write with these so they are good quality. At first I thought they were going to be colored ink but I was wrong. I had bought this out of fun. I don’t think I would be using this in class but definitely keep it on display at home on my desk. The three pens were 9.95php a piece which is like $15cents for a ball-pen. To me that is crazy. The pretty special pen was 19.99php which comes to be about $25cents

The last items I bought were just essential and thought I could include it to make the haul a bit bigger. The pink paper is for my class assignments. I am glad the professors let us use different colors and of course I choose pink. Pad paper is a requirement for everyday and I always seem to buy pink or plain yellow depending on whether I am using it on. The small envelope is more red on camera but it is actually a hot pink! I needed it to put my index cards in and other small papers throughout the day. And a long envelop to store papers. I will keep this in the car cause I seem to forget this at home quite often.

And that is all I bought! I started school so like I said these pictures were took at night so I wouldn’t rush to get this post up. My post will be even more unbearable now that I started classes again but I am scheduling a few post while I am not that busy. I hope you enjoyed my haul.

What school supplies are the funnest to buy for you?




  1. ahhhdri
    June 13, 2012 / 6:11 pm

    Those notebooks are so pretty, they look like mosaics! I think notebooks were always my favorite supply to purchase.

  2. Tattooed Tealady
    June 13, 2012 / 6:36 pm

    I love stationary shopping šŸ™‚ xo

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