Friday Favorites | 06.22.12

I have been getting a lot of people saying that Friday Favorites were a top pick series on my blog and since I haven’t done one in a while I thought I would do one again.

Favorite Makeup Product | Lush Whipstick Lip Balm
This is all I have been wearing lately because I am just too lazy in the morning to do anything but my hair and sometimes I don’t do that. I recently went back to university after a fun summer vacation and I haven’t got back into my routine yet. I carry this in my bag and reapply throughout the day because it taste so good and just smells so yummy. It gets me by when I want a sweet snack just by opening the lid and taking a whiff of it.

Favorite Hair Product | Goody Foam Hair Curlers
This has been a favorite for a while and I love them. I featured them in a lot of my sunday summaries post. They are so simple and make my day a little easier. I will definitely do a post about them soon in detail and explain more why I use and like them. But they have been lifesavers when I am so busy in the morning and have no time to actually curl it with a curly iron.

Favorite Skincare Product | Gentle Care Facial Wipes
I know it is not the one I posted in the picture but it is the closest packaging I could find that looks like mine. These are just great wipes that I use mostly everyday. I haven’t had much time so these work great for me. I use it to wipe off the extra oil and dirt of my face and i can go a day without actually doing my whole routine once in a while.

Favorite Website | Pinterest
I wrote a separate post on this so this is how much I love the site. I have been on it my whole summer. It definitely influenced a lot for me and made me want to try new crafts and new food and desserts recipes to try. I was also entertained by the fashion and beauty posts that came on my feed. My link is in the contact me page if you would like to follow.

Favorite Song | Karmin – Coming Up Strong
I love every song on Karmin’s new album “Hello”. Pretty much all their songs will be on my friday favorites for the next few weeks. This song is just so well written and I have no words for it. it is pure perfection and is flawless each and every song on the album. My ipod says this has been my most played song so far and I played it over 100 times this week alone. I absolutely love it but cannot and simply cannot pick a favorite from their album. They have defiantly made a new fan and lover of the duo!

Favorite TV Show | Gilmore Girls
As you know some of the shows are on break and will be back this Fall so it is time to go back and watch other shows. I have been obsessed with Gilmore Girls since it first started and I loved it. I started to watch a few episodes last week and i just can’t watch one. I have gone through maybe 10 in the last week alone. Whenever I’m free and extremely bored I watch my favorite TV series again.

What is your favorite thing you did this week?



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