Wish list | Black School Shoes

01 | Mary Jane Pumps
I need pumps for my internship coming up and I’m sure the requirement is business formal so that means suit of something like that and black heels.  The shoes look comfy and I love there style. These would be great because of the height and I really don’t have a pair like this. I like the strap, it reminds me of the shoes I had as a kid. I would love to pair these with maybe knee-high socks or maybe a pair of frilly socks for non-school days.

02 | Ballet Flats
really want a pair of black shoes with bows. Since bows are my signature style I love bows on everything. I have had cloth/material shoes the the pass 2 times so I want a shiny pair for once. I love shoes like these since they do go with my uniform and go with my outfits too. These are my most worn shoe so I love buying pairs and pairs of this.

03 | Wedges
I fell in love with these they are the perfect wedge and size and plus they are so cute.  I like them better then pumps but I need them for my internship like I said.Sometimes I am too lazy and cheat with wedges cause I feel better and can walk a lot further with these on. I hope they are in when I go shoe shopping. I will be really disappointed if they aren’t.

What are your go-to shoes?




  1. Clee
    June 1, 2012 / 12:22 am

    wahhh i totally adore those mary janes!

  2. victoria
    June 1, 2012 / 1:49 am

    Love those ballet flats! I just recently bought some ballet flats and I can't part with them now, they are my most comfy shoes. They don't have bows though…I'll have to get some with bows next time 🙂

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