Outfit | believe in enchantment and it will arrive

| blouse // Blue Anchors |

| tanktop // Forever21 |

| jeans // Levi’s |

| bag // Louis Vuitton |

| shoes // Payless |

Today I went to enroll for my 3rd year of university. It feels so unreal and I cannot wait ’till its over. I hate the enrollment process at my college since it takes so long and the lines take all day. I am so glad to be out of there and just finish on another day. I did get my grades and I did surprisingly really well last semester. I was unsure if I did well and was worried I failed but the odds were in my favor and feel grateful.

I love this coral blouse it is such a pretty color but I a, still unsure of the fit. it is a tad bit short now so I have to wear a tank top underneath it. The jeans are very comfy so I can’t complain. I didn’t really wanted to dress up I wanted to be comfy but I did wear these wedges that are actually very easy to walk in and are very cute.The bag was a gift from my cousin because she had 2 so I got the other one.

The sun was out today which is good since the past week has been gloomy and rainy which I hate. A lot of blogs I am reading are to experiencing bad weather so it isn’t all that bad and I’m not alone I see.

When classes start once again I might not be able to post outfit post often because I wear a uniform but I do wear regular clothes on Monday and Saturday so if I have time I will definitely take them! I am going to miss wearing regular clothes again, that is the best thing about summer I have freedom. I will miss taking OOTD but I’m sure I will post once a week or something like that.

I also changed the name of my outfit post to cute sayings and phrases. I am trying to center it around fairytales and magical quotes.

What did you accomplish this week?



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  1. ahhhdri
    May 30, 2012 / 6:31 am

    such a cute outfit, coral looks good on you! I really love those shoes, I've been looking for comfy wedges.

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