Mani Monday | Coral Nail Polish Trend

Since it is so warm and bright out I love wearing super bright nail polish. I have been wearing neons mostly but when I saw coral polishes I fell in love. To me coral is a unique color and not really worn much or seen very often. I like the pinkish corals a little more but I have some orangish coral clothes that I hardly wear. The color is defiantly very bright and looks pretty on. I have to pick up 1 of these colors next time I go nail polish shopping.

01 | OPI “Conga Line Coral”
A very pretty shade and I like the orange tint it has to it. OPI has promising colors so I would love to check this color out in stores. OPI had a couple of coral shades too but i love this orange one more and plus the name was so cute. I love the names of these polishes.

02 | Revlon “Tropical Temptations”
I love this one the most since it is more of a pink hue to it. I would love to wear this all summer with turquoise too! I have a few Revlon polishes so I would love more. I have been seeing so many pretty colors while shopping I need to pick up a few more colors!

03 | Essie “California Coral”
I have heard good things from Essie Polishes and would love to try their colors! There are many colors I want to try. I loved this one the most but Essie has a lot of Coral shades to choose from. But by far this was my favorite.

04 | Deborah Lippmann “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”
While venturing around I saw these polishes and thought they have amazing colors. I do not know where to find these in my country but I would love this color. I have seen most of these shades and I think these polishes are cute. The names are also fun also which gives it a unique touch!




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  1. Tamara
    June 2, 2012 / 2:24 am

    I love just about anything coral, and polishes are no exception. I'm actually on the hunt for a really nice one for the summer.Thanks for the recommendations! :]

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