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I have been on Pinterest all week and have been enjoying it so much. I had this account for a while and loved it but I focused on blogging for a month plus I had a lot of things going on. Since I had nothing to do and was so bored I went back onto the site and fell in love once again.

The site is great and is so fun. I have liked so many images and I am still forming my pinboards and definitely need to add but all in all I enjoy pinning. I love my tumblr but have been on Pinterest more. 

Most things I pin are fashion and room design inspiration because I’m thinking what I want to major in after my current degree. I still want fashion design but I’m thinking about room and interior design. So all my boards are of inspiration to guide me there. I have other boards like crafts and DIY’s cause I love making things and a really creative person.

My link is down below if you want to follow. And since I just started again I am looking for a few to follow so leave your Pinterest down below.

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