Wish list | Makeup Brushes

01 | Real Techniques Stippling Brush
I have been on a look out for a good quality stippling brush and after seeing plenty of reviews on this brush I’ve added to a wish list to make it official. I’m still debating on which one I want because I have narrowed it down to this and the ELF one but this is pink and it does seem good quality even if it is maybe a few dollars more. Besides I love pink and this would look great on my vanity.i have a few occasions to wear a full face of makeup and I want an airbrush look. Reviews have said this is amazing so I want to try it.

02 | Real Techniques Powder Brush
It may seem like I have quite a few powder brushes now but I haven’t found one that I truly love. Powder brushes I would have to say are my favorite. I hardly wear foundation everyday to class because for one I am far too lazy, two it will make me even later to a lecture than I am now and three I find it far too complex for a day of classes which consists of writing and focusing on other things than socialization and looking like you are off to a club. I love to look dolled up myself but class isn’t all for show and I just don’t think those girls really understand that. Okay rant over, I think pressed powder or a powder foundation is more my look right now so powder brushes are definitely a most for my everyday routine.

03 | Real Techniques Blush Brush
I love saying blush brush out loud, it seems so weird and it just makes me happy I don’t know why. I wear minimal blush as well but i have started putting on more and more lately. I’m not a fan of angled blush brushes but I love the shape of this one. I read a lot of reviews on this brush too and I have seen that the whole brush collection is just amazing and I should have just put every brush on my wish list.

What is your favorite brush at the moment?




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