Wish list | Birthday Presents 01

I am so excited to share with you what I want for my birthday this year! And if anyone wants to know I will be 19! This is my last year of my teens so it is getting me depressed but birthday presents usually cheer me up and let me forget about how old I am getting!

This is part 1 of what I want and this is just the major and expensive stuff that I am hoping to get.

1 | Lenovo S205 Netbook in Pink
I really want a small laptop so I can take it on the go with me. My current one is a 15inch and it is kind of hard taking it back and forth to school everyday. This is 11 inch and it has everything me and my dad want in a small laptop. it has mostly what I need for my photoshop and video making. I originally wanted a Sony but decided this is cheaper and has better specs and warranty.

2 | Apple iPod Touch 32gb in White
I was always a fan of these ipods and really want one myself. I have an older version but it might die soon and I love listening to music. I get really bored easily so this would be great for when i go everywhere. I might get this or an iphone but either one I am fine with!

3 | Nikon D5100 SLR
I already had this on my wish list before but this time I might get it. Out of all these I think I might get this one first. My dad promised me and I need it for my classes next semester. I have researched everything on this camera and think it is pretty good. My dad wants a Nikon more than a Canon so I had to research so many cameras before I made a decision.

These are just what I want and I am not sure if or when I will get them. But i do hope soon!

What are you hoping to get for your upcoming birthday?



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