Sunday Summeries | April 22, 2012

Welcome to Sunday summaries birthday edition. I mostly spent my week planning and just doing nothing. I treated myself to relaxation and just anything and everything that involves me. I really enjoyed my day and took it easy. Since last year I had a huge celebration I rested and just went out once to go and party. On my birthday I just traveled around and saw some sights I never seen with the family then we ate cake. It was pretty simple.

01  | This was a big purchase. my parents bought a car for me! It was kind of overwhelming for me since I have never driven a car before and this was just so great to get.  I am learning and I might just have the family driver take me around but it is so much fun to learn how. I feel even more independent.

02 | My cake was so good. I tweeted about it several times. I loved the chocolate and it tasted so divine. I want to go out and buy another one! I also had vanilla ice cream with it making it even more yummy!

03 | I really adored my hair throughout my birthday celebration. I used my big foam rollers which was featured in a Sunday summaries 2 weeks ago. they turned out to be amazing big curls. I wanted a wavy look but I guess this is what my hair wants. It did turn to waves when the curl fel but it looked good both ways.

Very short post today since I have an appointment very earlier tomorrow plus I meet up with my parents to go to somewhere special but don’t know where yet. I’m looking forward to it.

My giveaway is still open and only 60 have entered. It may be you who wins!

And it wouldn’t be a Sunday summaries without thanking my 125 followers. The past weeks the numbers have gotten high and higher and I thank you so much. It gives me inspiration to write blog posts everyday!




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  1. Iris :]
    April 23, 2012 / 2:21 pm

    I nominated you for an award!And that's amazing that your parents bought you a car woo hoooo!xx

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