Sunday Summaries | April 15, 2012

01 | It’s beginning to look a lot like Summer! My glasses my baby cousin bought for me cause she thought they matched hers. She is only 5 and keeps telling me that we match. So it is definitely getting hotter and hotter so sunglasses has been my most favorite accessory. I have 3 pairs and always alternate between both. I hate that it is so hot though i want it to be a little cooler so I wont have to get sunburned.

02 | On the topic of Summer I went to my Aunt’s house and my cousin and I played badminton. It has been a while since I played so my body is aching a bit but not that much anymore. It is such a fun sport and great exorcise since I am trying to get healthy and try to loose a few pounds.

03 | This is what happens after i take blog pictures. I usually wait and take a lot and then save them on my laptop it is easier to take more pictures for me instead of taking them everyday. I save up products by my bookshelf which needs to be photographed and then after i am done I store them. You should definitely try it if you are somewhat lazy like myself! It saves time and you have extra post in case you are too busy you can just write it about like I do.  

04 | I’ve been tweeting about sugar cookies this past week and of course I have to show you. I picked them up at the grocery store on a discount so they were super cheap and super good! I had some chocolate chips but i ate them in the first 2 days. I love bakery cookies, they are so fresh and baked just right.

05 | Like last week, I changed my blog layout once again but this time it is staying for a while. I am more happy with this design then my last one. I also added pages so go check them out. I am still updating them but they are there. If you want to do a button swap leave it in the comments, tweet me or email me! Tell me you added my button which is located on my sidebar and I will add yours!

Welcome new followers and thank you to my 111 blog followers! Thank you for the comments and hope you enjoy reading.

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What are you looking forward to this Summer?





  1. Iris :]
    April 16, 2012 / 12:08 pm

    I am awful at badminton, but I usually have a giggle whenever someone calls the birdie by it's true name shuttlecock. lolxx thank you for sharing :]

    • Jackie
      April 22, 2012 / 7:13 am

      i was at first but after a week I got back into it. I giggled through it myself especially when my cousins said shuttlecock!♥

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