Friday Favorites | 04.27.12

Favorite Makeup Product |
Volumizing Mascara
I use this mascara on lazy days and it does it job. It may not be a favorite but i used it many times this week since i forgot my regular mascara.

Favorite Hair Product |
Aussie Moist Shampoo
A new shampoo I bought and i think it is pretty good. i have dry hair but I haven’t seen miracle results but it does leave my hair a little softer.

Favorite Skin Product | The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter
Been using this again as I forgot where I put it. It was featured in my monthly favorites before and I love the smell of this stuff!

Favorite Website | Twitter
Again, this has been my favorite website before but i cannot help but use it. It passes boredom and I found so many things to do like beauty chats and meet new people and find out about new blogs too!

Favorite Song |
We are Young – Fun
I heard it on Glee since there was a marathon a few days ago and I searched the original and I thought it was a fun upbeat song. I don’t know which one I like better though, the cover or original. Both are good and i just like it. 

Favorite TV Show |The Vampire Diaries
I love this show too much. I love the thrills and story line and think it’s way better than Twilight. I love the characters and i wait up for it every week. I sometimes go to bed 2 in the morning waiting for this show so you can tell I’m dedicated!

What did you enjoy this week?




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