Friday Favorites | 04.06.12

Favorite Makeup Product | Eyeliner
I’ve been  wearing minimal makeup lately since it is summer and when i do go out I love just putting on eyeliner and heading somewhere. I just use a 99cents eyeliner I bought and it works okay and doesn’t smudge .

Favorite Hair Product | Goody Foam Curlers
I love my foam rollers and cannot rave enough about them. They were featured in my March Favorites and I just love them so much!

Favorite Skin Product | Lush Miranda Soap
Finally I used my Miranda Soap from Lush and it is phenomenal. It is a great soap and Use it from time to time with some shower gel.

Favorite Website | Twitter
I love tweeting and have been tweeting regularly now so go follow me. My twitter can be found down below. I love following different people and brands and products.

Favorite Song | Brokenhearted – Karmin
I accidentally found this song while I was on youtube listening to some songs and I usually go to Vevo and I saw this being recommend and clicked on it. I heard of Karmin before and had to listen. After that it has been playing over and over and while I write it is blaring on my speakers giving me inspiration for this post. Its such a great song.

Favorite TV Show | Gossip Girl
I love Gossip Girl but the story has been up and down for me lately. I love Blair and I love her princess story line but I don’t know anymore if I like it. I love the show and so glad the break is over and that i can watch it again.




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