Sunday Summeries | March 18, 2012

I recently used to call these chit-chats but I decided to change it so I could do these maybe every other week. I feel that blogs should contain some personal post and something other than beauty and fashion once in a while to get to know more of the writer and it lets me and others to connect with each other. So, enough about that let’s talk about my week!

001 | I have been stressing over my finals and trying to get a newspaper together. My group and I have been working non-stop on articles, lay-outing and editing. It really is hard and I am thankful to those newspapers who have to do it everyday. We submitted it on Friday and I think we did a pretty good job. I wrote an article about nail art and I might post it here when it is done and graded.

002 | Since it is almost my dad’s birthday I have been planing on what to get him. It is so hard on what to choose. Every year sine I could remember I gave him a single balloon and a homemade card. I still give him the balloon but since I have grown up I feel a card is just to childish and not cute anymore. If anyone has a suggestion I would more than glad. But it gives me an excuse to go to the mall and window shop this weekend.

003 | Back to University work, I need to write a 20 page script and only have 2 pages done. My professor says I’m a natural writer but I don’t agree. It is hard coming up with a concept and writing bigger projects with a deadline seems like a big deal and makes me pressured. I miss those days where I wrote for fun in my spare time and posted them on fanfiction. I enjoy the thrill of doing it but i hate that writer’s block comes at unexpected times. I can’t believe I can still write blog posts. I guess it’s a way to get me going on that script.

004 | Today is Mothers day but my mom and I didn’t really do anything special. Last time I checked mother’s day was in May and not March but I guess it changed this year. I am going to take her out tomorrow to the mall and spend some time together and even though we don’t do much stuff together I don’t see why not go out for lunch and catch up. 

Next week I’ll maybe post pictures of my week instead but I just thought of this a few days ago. Also I didn’t have anything too exciting to be taking pictures of.

What did your week consist of?



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  1. Stephanie Louise
    March 18, 2012 / 8:45 pm

    Random comment to say thank you for following me on Twitter, I've only just discovered your blog now, it's beautiful! Looking forward to more of your posts 🙂 xo

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