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01 | Clarisonic Mia in Pink
This has been on my wish list for a while and I hope I could save enough to get it. I have heard so much about this product and heard it does wonders to the face. I really need this because of all the smoke and smog in the air and being in it everyday is making my skin more oily. I prefer the color pink so I know I am getting that and I have been searching everywhere that would ship to my country. I guess it just takes time and effort to find the right one and to save!

02 | Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser
I saw this in my local beauty store and I liked the smell of it. I researched it and found it is quite popular in the blogging world. I would like something that is really gently and just leaves your face extra clean. Next time I will definitely buy it just to try it out!

03 | The Body shop Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
Since I wear mascara and eyeliner mostly everyday I need a good eye makeup remover because my cleanser doesn’t really do its job very well. Not many brands or stores sell an eye makeup remover so I found this one at The Body Shop but were out of stock. I am so unlucky when I need to buy stuff! They are always out and make me wait so long before they get it in

What skincare product are you looking at?



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  1. Clee
    May 1, 2012 / 2:23 am

    I received purity as a gift and it works amazingly~ Really lives up to what you said x)

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