Friday Favorites | 02.24.11

Favorite makeup product | Maybelline Baby Lips in Berry
I just got this a week ago and this has been in my latest haul.My lips have been chapped even more lately and I just out it on my lips throughout the day. It smells great and it isnt that heavy on my lips. I bought the clear one so it is just the lip balm and doesn’t have a tint or color to it which makes it perfect for my everyday wear!

Favorite hair product | Dove Curls Whipped Mousse
I’ve been curling my hair a lot this week and this mousse has been the one I reach for. Even to smooth a pony tail it works great especially for my curls. I like that it keeps the curl until the end of my classes and doesn’t leave it frizzy.

Favorite Skin Product | Lush Ocean Salt
I purchased this maybe a month ago but I just started using it last week. I love the texture and it does a good job exfoliating the skin! It leaves my body soft and I smell like lemony salt afterward which is alright but my dogs think I taste delicious!

Favorite Song | Without You – Glee Cast Version
This song has been on repeat every single time I am listening to music. When I am studying or just hanging out this has been my go-to song. I love Lea’s voice and all her songs amaze me. I didn’t really like the original but this cover blew me away.

Favorite Website | Pinterest
I have been on this site every single day this week and have been spending hours on their. I find it very addicting and it has been so useful and gave me my creative energy back. This really solves my boredom and that is a plus for me!

Favorite TV Show | New Girl
I fell in love with this show ever since it aired. I love Zooey and I find it hilarious! I love watching TV shows and every week  have a different favorite but I still appreciate all the shows I am in love with. Its just sometimes I found a TV show more interesting than others I had watched that week.

What were your favorites this week?



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