September Favorites (non-beauty)

Hi Lovelies!

After my other post i wanted to do my non-beauty favorites of September! I know it is a little late but now that I have time why don’t I post it anyway. Next month I’ll try to get it up earlier and on time!

So I just picked a couple of categories for this months favorite and first on the list is:

I checked my itunes what my top 5 favorite songs were for the month of September were:

My favorite song this month was “Someone Like You” by Adele. I just really love this song I never had an experience like this but I just love her voice and the song is just very meaningful.

2. Best Thing I Never Had by Beyonce
3. Skyscarper by Demi Lovato
4. Get it Right by Glee Cast

5. Enchanted by Taylor Swift

The Flinstones Special: Hollyrock a-bye Baby

I have just been loving this movie. I actually watched it like 10 times last month and still enjoy every minute over it. It is like my childhood is coming back when I watch it!

It would have to be my Blackberry Curve 8520! I love my phone and now that it is pink I love it even more!

And for my favorite website I think I have to choose my blog or blogger! I have been really into this site and really like to blog now. I have failed so many times at keeping a daily entry but now it seems so fun to just write and puts your thoughts on paper (or a computer) but in other words I like it.

My favorite youtube video for September is actually a music video! Its Beyonce’s Best Thing I Never Had video. I just love her dress and the whole theme of the video all together!

My Favorite Book this month has to be the first book in the Quartet Series by Nora Roberts “Vision in White” I have read the book and I also have read the ebook since I was bored at school and had it on my laptop. That means I have read the same book twice in 1 month.

I couldnt really pick because some of my favorite shows have come out in the middle of September so I couldnt count it so I have to say. The Secret Life of an American Teenager. I recently got in to the show and had nothing to watch but I grew to love it and I love me some teenage drama (when I am not included) it is entertaining and has a decent storyline.

And that was my favorite of September! I have other favorites besides beauty and fashion and it is fun to show that side of me too. I already and listing the stuff I want to put in my next favoirtes!

Also I thought I could do a segment about who is my favorite beauty blogger and youtube guru of the month! I really would like to feautre one of you and also show my gratitude for your hard work. So how about it is it a good idea?

What was your favorite thing last September? Leave it in the comments!



  1. Pretty Wonderful
    October 9, 2011 / 3:00 pm

    great favourites! Thanks for all your lovely recent comments on my blog too!Alice x

  2. Emma Matthews
    October 9, 2011 / 5:10 pm

    Great post!Emma x

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