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Hi Lovelies!

I wanted to do a nail polish review today. I picked up these polishes at a supermarket a few months ago because I saw they were discounted and had pretty good colors.

The product I am reviewing is Caronia Nail Polish.

When I tried it on I was very disappointed! It was a pretty color but the consistency and the thickness was really bad. It didn’t even dry completely even after 3 day of wear so I would end up smudging them and ruining them. I literally hated this nail polish.

And when they did dry because I only applied 1 very thin layer it still chipped off the next day. I was very unhappy with the nail polish formula. Some colors aren’t very pigmented and some are to thick and run too much.

Product: 2 out of 10 princesses
I had to give it such a low review. As I said not a very good formula.

Packaging: 5 out of 10 princesses
The bottles were alright. They don’t have a design on it either.

Colors: 7 out of 10 princesses
I do admit they have some good color ranges but some are more pigmented than others.

Price: 6 out of 10 princesses
They were cheap so I shouldn’t complain. I paid 49.99php for them and that converts to 1 dollar in the States. I don’t think you should expect much from a polish like this.

Overall: 4 our of 10 princesses
This was just plain bad. Would I recommend it to others? No because it is truly a no good texture. But if you only need it for a day I suggest you dry it thoroughly and pick a good opaque color and I am sure it will last. But for long wear for at least I week I suggest another brand.

Here are some colors I used and tried to do my nails with. As you can see in my first picture it looks smooth and pretty but after awhile it developed bubbles and was clumping up and smudging.

It looks kind of good when you first apply it and in pictures but even if you sit for 6 hours doing nothing with your hands they will not dry immediately and will just remain sticky on your nails.

So, I am disappointed and would never buy this again. I feel bad about writing a bad review but I need to face it not all products I try wont be perfect. At least I stepped out of my comfort zone and reviewed a bad product.

I hope I wasn’t too harsh because there were many colors to choose from. Now that I found better polishes I would never buy this brand again unless they change their formula I will be trying it again.

What was your most hated nail polish? Leave it in the comments!


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