September Shopping (Random Edition) Part IV Haul

Hi Lovelies!

Okay I wasn’t suppose to post this haul today but my other post took a while and half messed up so I will get it done tomorrow because it is late tonight.

I just bought some random stuff that makes me happy and this isn’t all of it. The rest of this purchase was food and I either ate it or it is in my cupboards waiting for me so again on to the pictures.

I bought headphones and 2 handkerchiefs. I love the pattern and the headphones are too cute!

This is just a close up of the headphones! One is a heart shaped ear thing and the other is hot pink and has a star!

These are just some hand sanitizers you hang on your bag. they are really cute and really convenient. I accidentally got them both in apple.

And lastly I got the Seventeen Magazine Fashion Book I really wanted to get! I have really enjoyed it and really want to try some different looks.

So, I finally finished my haul posts. This will be my last for a while. I am broke and I need to save so I can buy more stuff. I might get a part time job so I can save my money and I wont just buy beauty products but a new phone!

What was you last impulse buy? Leave it in the comments!


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