September Shopping (Nail Polish Edition) Part I Haul

Hi Lovelies!

I finally got around to taking pictures of what I bought in the month of September. I had only morning classes and don’t have a class till tomorrow afternoon so I was ready to do this. This post has 2 parts because I couldn’t fit it into 1 post.

Can you believe I didn’t use or open any of the stuff I bought!? I was so excited to show it here on my blog! Now that is over I will start using the stuff and maybe do some reviews!

Okay on to the more important stuff like the pictures. It took me an hour to find the right lightening and angle because I am using my DSLR for these pictures because now I lost the charger for my little sony cam. It is so annoying!

As you can see I really went all out on nail polish this month! I told myself no beauty products but I couldn’t resist this buy! I have been getting in nail art and a boutique at a mall has been teaching me. I think we are becoming friends! I love buying nail accessories from her.

L-R: Pinky Cream, White as Snow and Blue Metalica

BNC Nail Polish isnt the best but it will do for a reasonable price. I like the colors and the wear is pretty good but they still chip after a few days. It doesn’t have a name so I decided to name them!

And these are the swatches! I love that this creamy pink is thick and I really like that! It will be great when I don’t want to do any nail art. Next color is white, I just needed a white base color and this is the one that was really white. The last color is absolutely pretty but the camera didn’t pick it up real well. It is this really navy blue with a little silver sparkles but it doesn’t show up well which is good and kind of bad. I love this color and was trying to pick up one color that would match this years trend.

Top-Bottom: Floresent Yellow, Vibrant Green, Hot Magenta, Blue as Day

I have no idea why this is blurry but I will try to fix my quality of pictures next time. So again I named these colors and I call this collection the Highlighters! Because well they are the colors of highlighters. BNC Nail Art pens are really convenient and I use them to design with and it makes it easier for me to create different looks.

They are kind of summery and bright but I will figure out a way to use them. Well I might use them even if they are out of trend!

At least this was a better picture. and more clear. So as I said it looks like I took a highlighter and drew lines but this is the actually color of the nail polish! I really think they are really cool and I am almost done collecting all the colors. Its kind of sad because there arent any more colors in the shop unless they get more in and I hope they do!

Okay this is a Matte Top Coat. The lady said that it was but I haven’t tried it yet so I hope it is and I wont be disappointed. It is really hard to find one so I hope I do get another one soon. I don’t know the brand but here it is.

MY FIRST CHINA GLAZE NAIL POLISH!! Okay I am so excited that I bought it and found it in my favorite beauty store PCX, Personal Care Exchange in the mall by my college. I saw them and had to buy at least one but I got 2. So, it took me like 15 minutes deciding on what color to buy. My dad had to rush me and the sales lady saw and matched the cream color with the glitter color. I have no words to express on my first China Glaze nail polish.

L-R: Sexy Lady, Glam

The first swatch is the color Sexy Lady. I love the color and the texture is really nice too. And the next is Glam. I was attracted to this polish right away. After seeing they had China Glaze nail polish I immediately grabbed it and had to get it. And the last is just both together on top of each other. I think it will look so pretty together and I can’t wait to try it.

 Again with a not so good picture. But I got China Glaze Nail Strengthener to improve my nails and I heard pretty good things about it. I cant wait to try this too and I might do a review before I use it!

So, tomorrow watch out for part 2 because I will start it tonight but I wont finish it. I just enjoyed my shopping trip and I love shopping altogether for things that make me happy especially nail polish. Well that is all for today!

What is your favorite brand of nail polish? Leave it in the comments!


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