How to Pretty Princess Costume

Hello Lovelies!

I came up with a fun idea last week and really wanted to do it! Since Halloween is exactly one week from today I wanted to do a week long post of Halloween! All my posts will be dedicated to the spooky holiday and will give ideas and suggestion and even what I am doing on Halloween!

So, this year I wanted to be a pretty princess and I know I think I’ve been one several times as a kid but this year I wanted to spice it up! I am now 18 and I wanted to be a sexy and naughty princess. It’s different than my usually taste but why not give it a try?

Now for dress ideas I came up with a few suggestions!

First, is for a short sexy party dress like the one I plan to wear!

Second, could be an evening gown that is light and can be worn to a costume part or maybe a get together where you dress up!

And third, a ballgown! If you want to win a costume party or be the star of the night wear a pretty ballgown and you might even feel like a real princess of the night!

My theme for this Pretty Princess costume is pink but of you want to change the color it is fine! I kind of centered it on the kids costume and just made it look good for teens and adults.

Tip: You can even wear dresses that look like you favorite Disney Princess!

 And a Princess can never forget her accessories!

Just a clutch, some heels and fancy jewelry will let you feel like your a true princess!

Now you can’t forget the most important accessory!
The Tiara or Crown!

I have pieced together a pretty Princess costume to give more ideas with the dresses I used above.I used colors to fit the preference of the personality. So find out below which personality you are and see if it kind of matches the mood!

This Princess outfit is simple and elegent. I added pale colors to create a softer vibe. And of course dimaonds are a girls best friend. This is very toned down pink than the other outfits and I just made it to symbolize a quiet princess who loves sparkle.

This outfit is more of a darker princess. It just gives off a more harsh rock princess. I love the added black to be a contrast of all the pink. And the details match the dress and it blends altogether for a pretty rocker personality.

This one  is the more fun and girly princess who loves to have a good time! It stands for a more perky and lively princess. I added a lot of pink detailing and I didn’t turn it down with other colors because I wanted the hot pink to stand out! This dress looks very princessy yet it is also a fun dress and not so childish. This represents my personality the most.

This gives off the girly sweet feeling but has a pop of color to liven up the outfit. This princess costume could be great for a costume party for adults and it could be pulled off by a teen too. The pale gives it a sweeter vibe so it doesn’t overpower and isn’t too harsh with the dress.

 This has a more darker vibe again to incorporate the black and gold colors together. It stands out and this one isn’t quite a princess outfit but if you could wear it I think it could be pulled off. It might need more accessories but I think it could pass to be royal!

 and for the ball gown I just thought mixing gold to match the dress would be perfect. It is femine and girly at the same time and it gives off a glow. The simple touches makes the outfit really look like it could be fit for a princess.

And who could forget the makeup! I just choose colors and products that could complete the whole costume!

Make up requirements:

Brush Kit
A Setting Powder


&/or Lipgloss
Nail Polish

I started off with brushes because you would need something to apply it with.

A foundation maybe a little lighter than your skin tone and maybe mixed with your regular foundation. To apply use a stippling motion across face to make it flawlessly smooth and blend it all together to your neckline. Princess have flawless skin so it is more appropriate.

Then apply the setting powder to set the foundation and blend it with a Kabuki Brush.

Apply your eyeshadow, I think ELF “Pretty in Pink” is the best for this look.

Apply your favorite mascara and your eyeliner. I like the Maybelline One by One

Apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks. I like the Nars Super Orgasm or Orgasm

Finish off with a lipstick in a barbie pink color or a bright pink! I recommend Maybellines Fuchsia Fever and Party Pink. 

You can also try different looks and maybe add more details than I did!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. It took me all day but I really enjoyed it! I will be doing maybe 1 or 2 more of these costume how-to. I just gave my interpretation and tips but like I said you can have your own artistic license I just wanted to give you an outline or overview.

Remember all this week I will be putting up Halloween based posts dedication to Halloween. Enjoy the spooky holiday!

What was your favorite costume as a kid? Leave it in the comments!


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