How to Black Swan Costume

Hello Lovelies!

I am back on schedule with my Costume How to and let’s just get started!

I choose Black swan because I really enjoyed the movie and I know that being a Ballerina is really hard and a lot of pressure. I really loved the Swan Lake Ballet as a child but the horror of the movie was more exciting.With the costumes being black I added my colors into the outfits like gold and silver to blend them and to add details. Hope you like them.

Now for the dress selections!

A Black Swan’s Accessories are another essential while putting together your costume!

Of course, feathers are a necessary because a bird has their feathers. Most of the accessories are based off of a bird design. Shoes were really hard to find but you can add feathers to them and finding ballet flats or pointe shoes are another alternative. For the jewellery I kept it plain but still went with the feather theme.

And here are the different outfits pieced together!

1. A lot of black with minimal accessories and cute flats to complement the theme. I added some lace gloves to add details to the dress. I like the necklace and clutch are a matching design.

2. This by far is my favorite out of the three. I love the gold and black with a little silver combination. I just think it will look so pretty with the details popping out. I know its not really Black Swan but I like choices and this came out great.

This is the most calm out of the outfits and it is more laid back a tiny bit I focused on the accessories more than the look. I added a jacket because I saw it and it looked so cute and it might match the look perfectly. I should of toned it done more but I think it has a more of a rocker look to it.

How could you not forget the beautifully done makeup she wears?

I personally don’t know how to create this look but a little creativity can go a long way! Youtube has a lot of tutorials and you can get your inspiration from there or from pictures. But all you need is a very fair or white powder/foundation and a lot of contouring and the eye makeup and to complete with maroon lips with a hint of red and pink.

Well that was my Halloween Costume How to for today! I hope you enjoy and like the idea of this post!

What is your favorite Halloween Movie? Leave it in the comments!


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  1. Sarah
    November 3, 2011 / 10:09 am

    This is awesome, Wish I'd seen it earlier <3

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