How to Ballerina Costume

Hello Lovelies!

 I was a ballerina when I was little and those tutus are so adorable so I thought I could bring them back and wear them again. This could be a great costume for trick or treating and some parties.

Now for dress ideas I came up with a few suggestions!

 And a ballerina can splurge and wear her accessories!

 And here are the pieces together.

 I really love this dress because it resembles a tut and a ballet outfit so it fit. I just added simple jewelry because you don’t really need a lot and the shoes are just some nude ballet flats and not actual ballet shoes.

So, I know short but this was really a quick one to put together. I just wanted to mess with it and try to see if I could be this for Halloween but it was too simple for me but maybe its an idea for someone else!

 What was your worst costume you had? Leave it in the comments!


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