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HI Lovelies,

I really wanted to do another entry for Halloween but my dad broke my laptop and it took him all day and almost half the evening to restore it so I didn’t get to do my costume post like I wanted to. Instead I thought of another idea that is Halloween friendly and could be a cute post.

So, my favorite Halloween memory is from I think 5 or 6 years ago. And this was my first Halloween without my parents going with me. I was in 8th grade at the time and i just can’t forget that October.

My best friend and I spent maybe a week trying to maybe make or decide on a costume but with our goofing off and our lack of motivation we gave up and just used our previous costume and changed it up a little. I was an angel and she was a witch. We just went out a day before our School’s Halloween Party to go find some accessories for it. I bought a different halo and I think she bought a cuter witch hat.

The Halloween Party was a day before Halloween so I didn’t go to school in my costume but she did and she got so mad I didn’t wear mine and she felt embarrassed that she would be the only one in her costume. Turns out a few of us were the only ones without a costume. I waited till classes ended and wore my costume. It was kind of difficult to wear since it was so long and a little big for me.

We walked into our gym and it was decorated all pretty and stuff. I should get to the good part. A boy in my class asked me to dance and I agreed, (now I realize why was there slow dancing at a Halloween Party) He was dressed up as himself only dead. And I was an angel so I thought it was pretty cool. That was the day I realized I had a crush on him and of course I had to tell my best friend.

I had an amazing time and I won a game that day but forgot what the prize was. I think it was a basket of candy corn.

And on the night of Halloween I went trick or treating with my best friend. We were only 13 at the time so her mom waited for us down the street. We took her little brother too so we couldn’t do too much. We got so much candy that night I was good till Christmas.

The funniest part of the night was we went into a haunted house built in someones garage and they let you in. I was terrified and I let her go first and her little brother held my hand behind me. That was the scariest stuff I saw and was so scared. I pulled her hair so tight and probably punched her back so many times. Her brother pulled my hair and stepped on my shoe so we almost fell. When we finally reached the end we got so much candy from the guy cause we had the best reaction so far that night. After the whole thing when we were walking down the street we just laughed and thought it was so funny.

That was the best Halloween I ever had and I really miss the old times.

What was your favorite Halloween Memory? Leave it in the comments!


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