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Hi Lovelies!

My post today is the start of my Hair diaries segment! Well, since I have been planning on giving my hair a full on makeover for about a couple of months now I’ve been trying to decide what I want to do. I have searched the internet and looked at magazines and actually people with pretty hair styles and cuts.

I have never actually got my hair treated at a salon. I have only gone to a salon to get it done for a special occasion. I only curl, straighten, and blow dry my hair myself and without my knowing of a heat-protectant I damaged my hair and it is super dry and I have so many split ends.

My hair is medium length but it is a little bit short to be long. It is very curly and very frizzy. I wish it wasn’t as curly but I have learned to deal with it.

I really want to cut of my ends and get it trimmed a little but I am afraid to lose my length. Then again I want to get layers done because my hair has no volume and no shape. My final step i want to get done is bangs. I always wanted bangs. When I was a child and a pre-teen my mom asked me if I wanted full bangs and I declined. I don’t know why or if I didn’t have the mind to think back then. Now I do and I have come across some photos that I want to show the salon if I do take the plunge and get it taken care of.

First, side bangs. I cut mine myself back in 8th grade thanks to my best friend. They weren’t shaped or even cut right so when they grew out to blend with my hair I left them alone. I really considered to get them professionally done so I can see how it looks and I think it would look better then I did. 

My inspiration I saw first was Vanessa Hudgens. I really love her style, either beauty or fashion and now even hairstyles.

 I like the side swept bangs on her but it would really be hard for me to style especially in the mornings but I am open to it.

Next is full front bangs! I have 2 celebrities inspirations this time. And again the first is Vanessa Hudgens. When I first saw this look I hated it well I did hate it when she cut it it short for High School Musical 2 but then I got to love it so I knew it was going to be just the same.

I like front bangs with curly hair and after seeing this I fell in love. I don’t know if I am brave enough to copy it though.

And secondly, Zooey Deschanel. I love her in 500 Days of Summer and New Girl but I also fell in love with her hair. I really decided to get full bangs because of her and I think she makes it look way more cuter and sophisticated at the same time. 


And now to actually cut and style of the hair. I want to remain curly. I know that and I have considered straight hair for a while but I am contented at using a blow dryer or a strengthening iron too. So I just want voluminous curls. I want them big and wavy and no frizzy. 

 I want layers and volume too to go in my hair. I don’t know if I should get a lot of layers or if they should be short or long either. And I am still deciding if I want clip in extensions yet. they are so expensive but I really want them especially on days where I don’t want to do my hair.

 Well, that is what I have in mind the next time I head to the salon. I still will be recording my hair diaries with you and I think it just shows some progress. I really want to keep track on my hair and I hope I do.

 What do you want to do with your hair? Leave it in the comments!


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