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Hi Lovelies!

I really enjoyed doing my Vanity Inspiration and since my parents want to get the house redone they asked if I wanted my own room even if  am away at college. I had to agree since i never got my dream room. I don’t care if I am 18 I want my own room and I want it to be a teenage design.

So, my interior decorating instincts went off and I had to design it. I am thinking a huge space and maybe splitting it in to 2. I really am considering a thing for my rooms. So far I though of Fairytale with some Vintage detailing. And the second something like and dark pink with some floral and teddy bears everywhere.  really want to make up my mind which one for what room.

Okay, the essentials I want in my room are very basic yet very complex. I want a canopy bed. I had always wanted one as a child. The next, a kind of living room type setting to entertain friends and what not maybe a little TV room. A study desk and library area. And lastly a walk in-closet. Oh I forgot my own bathroom. And another thing a window seat benchy thing. If you don’t know what I am talking about it will show up in the pictures.

Now for the first part of my pictures are based on the themes. I just  picked rooms I liked and the placement of them.

These are just somethings that I saw. I really want a nightstand by my bed though.

Desk and Library Area
This is really important for me. When I get back home from college and need to study I want to have my own library in my room. Not a massive large one but I need somewhere to put all my books and novels. I also want a desk to organize the stuff and everything.

Organizer and Free Space

I really want to have my stuff organized and in bins and shelves because I loose things very easily and this is just such a cute way to keep in order.

Walk in Closet
A girls most favorite part. Now I need this to put all my clothes in and I might need more space for shoes and future shopping trips.

That was my inspiration for my bedroom. I might not post pictures of it because it will not be done for a very long time and I might forget about it anyway when it is done.

I hope you enjoyed and got some ideas if you are renovating your bedroom or decorating your dorm. Whatever it is I hope this was some help, I know it will help me out very much!

What does your bedroom mean to you? Leave it in the comments!


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