Weekly Wishes of 9/11/11

WW: 9/11/11

Nikon D5100 Digital SLR, Apple iPhone
4 in White, Juicy Couture New Crest Case, Kate Spade new york Case, Sony
Bloggie MHS-TS20, Sony VAIO Y Series

Hi Lovelies,

Today i am back with another Weekly Wishes. Except this time its not about
beauty! After shopping for a whole day for beauty products I saw more
interesting stuff that I really want to buy for myself. I do need a treat once
in a while!

1. Nikon D5100 Digital SLR I have wanted a new SLR camera for a while now and my dad says this is the
best one for me. I am taking photography next fall since it is under my course
requirements and I think a new camera would be a great benefit for me. I could
take better pictures for my blog and I do love taking scenery pictures when I go
on a trip. I hope I get it but it is too expensive right now. I think i might
wait for a sale.

2. Apple iPhone 4 in White
I’ve been looking into a new phone for when my plan expires.I always wanted an iphone but my dad still hates them. I did go to my wireless carrier store and tried the iphone 4 and i do like it. I fell in love with the cute cases instead of the phone though.

3. Juicy Couture New Crest Case
So now on to my new addiction. When I go to the mall I see these lovely Iphone cases and that’s pretty much why I want one. They don’t have any cute cases for the blackberry though. I saw the Juicy Couture one and just needed it too bad they don’t make one for a blackberry which disappoints me since I want it to match with my purse.

4. Kate Spade New York Case
is my favorite color and I couldn’t resist. I want to buy a case for
everyday, for holidays and for my phone to match my purse and maybe some
of my outfits! I just love the cases and I would have to buy a million
to stop my want for them!

5. Sony VAIO Y Series 
need a new laptop. Mine is still good but it is too heavy and big to
carry around with me. I have always dreamed for a pink laptop so I hope I
can get this plus it fits my needs and that is a plus for me and my
dad. I could do a lot with this and it would help with my editing and I
can take it to shoots for film class. 


6. Sony Bloggie MHS-TS20 HD
don’t know why I want this but I do. I love to take videos and document
a lot of stuff especially on trips where I travel to new places and for
doing video projects in media class. I just think it would be good for
me and maybe I could start making youtube videos more.

7. BlackBerry PlayBook When I looked at the iphone, I saw on the other side of the store was the Blackberry. Then I saw the Playbook and fell in love. I got to play with it and I was quite happy with it. I don’t think i want the Apple Ipad maybe in the future but I do want a tablet and these one passed my standards.

you can see I love the color pink! All of my stuff now are pink. I mean
everything is. I love the color and I am getting obsessed with
collecting pink things. In my next chit-chat I will talk about my love
for pink.

What expensive gadget do you want? Leave it in the comments!


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  1. Melanie
    September 12, 2011 / 6:04 pm

    I have a Sony Vaio right now (not the same version that you have listed, but it is also pink!) and it is a really great quality computer…has lasted me a couple years now without any issues!<3 Melanie @ http://beauty.adorability.org

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