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 Hi Lovelies!

It is my first time posting an Outfit of the Day (OOTD) I took these photos with my little Sony Digicam my dad had bought me back when I was in middle school but it still works and is HD so I can’t complain. Plus it’s pink!! I am not really good with taking pictures like this yet but I’m learning and next time I will use my tripod and SLR Cam instead so now on to my outfit. 

Top: A Christmas Present,

Leggings; Robinson’s 799.99php,
Shoes; Payless Shoes 1,225php.

 Today I wore something simple and comfortable but I think it
is just so cute and becoming my regular style. It is too hot here to be wearing
jeans so I decided leggings would be a better alternative because I still would
like to wear pants since the air con is full blast and I get a little cold on
my legs.

The top is a dark purple and has frilly designs and rhinestones all over it. I like the fit and it is also a little loose to so it is very comfortable.

Then I threw on some black leggings. I didn’t want anything
over the top because I just went to school. These are just the most comfortable leggings and I do use them as pants on some blouses like this one since it is longer in the back then it is in the front.

I love these shoes they are the most comfortable flats and they are also my school shoes so it is a double purpose for me. i just threw them on today for a more comfortable feel and I was just going to classes for an hour.

I hope you enjoyed my first outfit post. I took another days outfit but it turned out blurry so I will do another outfit another day.

I am still working on my series and I will have that up I hope this weekend and a haul and review is in the process of being written. All I am worrying about is taking the pictures for the posts.

What is your favorite thing to wear? Leave it in the comments!


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