NYFW | Spring Collections 2012

Hi lovelies,  

have always been amazed with fashion shows as a kid and now I learned
to appreciate them. My criteria is still a little similar as when I was a
kid, what was pretty, what caught my eye and the way the models carried
the dress? 

So, i choose through some designers that I know and from who I discovered recently and what I liked from the runways.

Alexander McQueen Resort 2012



love the simpleness of the dresses yet they are so elegant. I love the
black and gold a very pretty combination. I didn’t find any that I could
maybe incorporate in everyday outfits but if I were to find a dress I
would pick one of these! I also like the shoes that the models are
wearing it puts the look together.

Betsey Johnson Spring 2012


I love the pretty bold pieces from this collection. I have always been a
fan but never followed her religiously. I do love the spring time
patterns plus the bold colors. I would truly love to wear this next
spring. I wasn’t a fan of the shoes here because I’m not really a boot
kind of girl but the colors are really pretty and makes the outfit pop. I
especially love the hair and make up on the models, I really want to
try this look.

Honor Spring 2012


I like about this collection was the simple black and white lace look. I
especially love the first outfit and it could totally be worn for
spring and fall
. The other dress really are so cute and I love all the 50’s inspired looks they copy. I didn’t really like the shoes here either only the last pair. Those I would go out and buy. 

Moschino Resort 2012

This has been my favorite collection I have seen in this years NYFW. I love
the colors and the style. I like that it is also a little bit of Blair
Waldorf’s from Gossip Girl style in the beginning. It kind of has an
older feel to some of the pieces like the ones with the coats but I
still do like it. It is even more prettier when the pinks come out. I
love the spring pieces so much and I would love to find a few outfits
like these to wear.
I would pick different shoes with the outfits though because they seem to simple for me. I do like the gladiator sandals though and I adore the bags too.

I am still going through some other shows and I will get that posted
soon. I really love to get into this since I want to take fashion design
when I go off to a university!

What was your favorite part of NYFW? Leave it in the comments!


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  1. LiLy
    September 26, 2011 / 12:24 pm

    Hey! Nice picks! I love those barbie-like fantabulous clothes rather than just simple one ay! Ta!

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