Weekly Wishes of 8/27/11

WW: 8/27/11

Black long sleeve cardigan, Black Tights, Burgundy Leather Ballerina Shoe, Juicy Couture Suede Bow Clutch, Juicy Couture Scottie Embroidery Daydreamer Bag, Juicy Couture Sequin Crown Daydreamer Bag, Juicy Couture Gem Lock Flap Crossbody Bag, Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Perfume, LUSH Ocean Salt, L’Oréal Studio Secrets Perfecting Base, Hairdryer Roller Brush, NARS Pressed Powder

Hi Lovelies.

Today’s is another Weekly Wishes! I am collecting them so I can just print out my list when I go shopping next week.

So I have been obsessed with Juicy Couture products. I have been browsing their site and dreaming of owning everything on there. I am in love and I can finally say this is my favorite high-end product. I like it better than all those other brands of fashion purses. I will have a few of their products in whole wish list on their products. I’m still working on that.

1. Cardigans
I want a new cardigan but its still so hot where I live that I can only wear it inside my classroom. I might get two just because I want a fit one and a lose one for my uniform. I think I might get a burgendy red (to match my uniform) and a black and grey one like the pictures above.

2. Black Tights
This has been on a mental wish list of mine for a while but I would never wear them to school. I would just wear them for special occasions and my business attire days. I think they are really cute and just another trend I want to try.

3. Burgendy Ballet Flats
Flat shoes are always what i wear besides other fancy shoes like wedges and heels. I hate wearing other shoes besides those three. Since the season Fall is coming up I have decided to go with my intuition and swift to Fall colors and a little bit of the fashion. I miss the changing seasons, here I lack the feeling of having to change my routine. While others think its good to not change you’ll start to miss the cold and the weather changing. I miss California even though its burning hot there I would still trade places with someone to feel the different seasons again.

4, Juicy Couture Bow Clutch
I have no idea why I want a clutch since I already have three but I do need a pink one for an upcoming occasion at school and it would look perfect with my outfit. I love the bow and the polka dots so that was a plus for me.

5. Juicy Couture Dreambag Tote
More Juicy bags, I know I am obssesed but I dont know what to choose. I just want to put my options out there so I know which to choose. This is just a continuation of last weeks wants.

6. Juicy Couture Small lock bag
These kinds of bags are real popular and i thought I could use them when I only have one class on Saturday instead of taking my huge Juicy bag everywhere with me. I like the color and texture and I hope the store here has the same one.

7. Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy
Perfumes are great except i usually forget to buy more and just go with a simple body spray. I usually never buy name brand perfumes just simple ones from the drug stores. I know they dont last but I still enjoy them and their scents. I have heard great reviews on this perfume and have to try it. I don’t know though the difference. I read on the site that there are flavors. Is it true? Because I want vanilla.

8. Lush Ocean Salt
This is another product I heard great reviews about. Since I know there is a Lush Store here I want to try a few products and have been doing some blog research on products that are being used most. I had read a blog that says this is such a good facial cleaner. I hope it is but if it isn’t i can still use it as a body wash.

9. Nars Pressed Powder
I have been looking for a finishing powder and a pressed powder so I hope this does the trick. I am still learning make up stuff so I hope I am right. I might get this to replace my Covergirl powder.

10. Hairdryer Brush

Mine had broke so I need a new one. Since I got a new hair dryer it would be good to get one so i can full dry my hair.

Another wish list. I want too much. But if I can get  it makes my stress go down and I can’t get  down again. I hope I can get at least 15 out of my 20 wants. But I will document my experience so I am real excited.

I will be posting a lot more this weekend since I have 4 days off! I also changed my blog layout and design. I hope you like it cause I love it. I’m not that good with banners but I try.

Okay, ’till next post.

Oh I forgot, what do you plan to purchase next? Leave it in the comments!


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