Weekly Wishes of 8/20/11

WW: 8/20/11 

Juicy Couture ‘After Dark’ Daydreamer Tote ~ Juicy Couture Small leather satchel ~

Cotton Quilted Large Make-Up Bag ~ Urban Decay Naked Palette ~ Brush Set ~ Nars Lip Gloss ~ Glitter Nail Polish ~ Revlon-Sheer Nude ~ Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub ~ Philips  Lady shaver

Hi Lovelies!

Today’s post is a glimpse of my wish list! 

I am so excited to do my first Weekly Wishes! Since I have become so addicted with beauty, blogging and polyvore I can’t stop. I might start posting these twice a week if I can or at least four times a month. Which is one every week! I have enjoyed making lists and plus I have a lot of wants, it will be so much fun and I loved picking out my favorites things to buy. 

After my mall adventure which you read last post, I decided to create a list of what things I can pick up when I do go shopping. It was kind of hard to limit myself but I had to or else they wouldn’t fit.

1. Juicy Couture ‘After Dark’ Daydreamer Tote

I bought a Juicy Couture last month and I thought I needed another one right away. So I went to their site and I decided another tote wouldn’t hurt. I just fell in love and need another one. This one is probably out of stock or old but if I do find it I will totally get it.

2. Juicy Couture Small leather satchel

I want a satchel bag, I want it in Tan and leather plus this was a bonus since it was Juicy Couture. I think they are so cute and so very veritable for different outfits. I might pick one up soon at the department store! I also want to follow the trend and usually I don’t follow I start but I think this is an exception. There not yet popular so I hope I’ll be the to get it started.

3. Cotton Quilted Large Make-Up Bag

I need a new make-bag that will fit in an already bigger make-up bag that I use to put shampoo and hygiene products in. Sometimes all my make-up is just scattered on the bottom and it makes it harder to find. I want a floral one and a fairly large one. I want to be able to put other things in it besides make up so I will go looking for one the next shopping trip.  

4. Urban Decay Naked Palette

I have seen so many reviews on this product that I want it myself. I want a neutral eyeshadow palette and this looks promising. The only problem is I can’t find it here in the Philippines and i don’t buy things online. So if I ever find it I will so get it and I have been entering so many contests on blog and youtube to get it but I have no luck yet. Maybe in the future when I go on vacation in the States.

5. Brush Set

I need to get me a set of brushes and I don’t know if I should get a complete set or buy them individually. I don’t have to many palettes so I need to start building up my collection. I haven’t decided on a brand yet but I did find a cheap complete set but I’m unsure if i should get it. I need to go look for more before i decide.

6. Nars Lip Gloss

I do want a Nars Lipgloss and I saw the stand at them mall and since I don’t know what to get yet I decided on lip gloss. I am kind of new to all this but I am learning. I’m not sure what color yet but i want a natural color and a kind of berry color. I will ask advice once I get to the Nars counter.

7. Glitter Nail Polish

I have been obsessed with doing my nails so I wanted a new kind of polish and look to my nails. I decided glitter polish would be a new change. I saw some really pretty glitter polish with big chunks so I might get a few colors in that. Like rainbow and silver for now.

8. Revlon-Sheer Nude

The only color I don’t have in my nail polish collection is a nude peachy color. I saw there was a sale on Revlon polish the other day so I hope to get this color. I want this color mainly to give my nails a change from dark and bright colors of Summer and Spring.

9. Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

After seeing the Lush Store I went on Beautylish to search some things out and what caught my eye was this lip scrub. with the weather changing every second my lips are so dry. Its either from the hotness of the sun or from the coldness from the rain. I think its the humidity but it seems like my lips are dry and flaky. I’m getting this one i go to cure my chapped lips.

10. Philips  Lady shaver

Last but not least. I need a new razor. I have been using Veet on my legs but I am tired of the process. Its to slow and I have to wait a few days to put lotion and to realive the numbness and redness. I like the after effects but I want to try something new. I saw this and totally will buy it next time I go to the beauty section.

I cant believe I actually picked ten without thinking about it. I hope I can do a haul if I do get these things and I hope I can get another post like this up next week.  Since this one was my first I was so excited I had to explain the reason I was getting the item. Some I might not explain in much detail like this one was. I might just have its link and a polyvore picture.

Maybe tomorrow I will post my series and get a new layout done. It takes up so much of my time but I enjoy it so much. 

What’s your wish list for the week? Leave it in the comment! 


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