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Even though, I have said that I don’t really have a make up collection well I did when I was little. I saw this tag over at Adorabeauty’s blog and decided to do it myself since I remember my first make up products. I even still have a few. I don’t use them anymore but I know they are somewhere in my old hello kitty make up bag. a

So I started wearing make up when I was 3 years old. I was in dance class and for photo shoots and recitals I had to wear make up. My mom applied it and I remember enjoying it so much. But now as I think back to my younger years, I had looked like a clown. My mom didn’t really know how to apply make up so it was just caked on and heavy. The dance studio advised to be heavy so it can be noticed on stage but my mom took it on to another level. I had the bluest eyeshadow, the pinkest cheeks and the reddest lips. Back then since we were just kids they didn’t laugh at me but if I wore it now I would be laughed at. I think i wore that kind of make up ’till I was twelve because my mom couldn’t come into the dressing room with me before the shows. The older girls helped us so we were decent looking. I always got my hair done at the salon before the show but I just realized why I didn’t get my make up done too. So enough of my story let’s get to the tag.

1. First Foundation:
I remember my first liquid foundation being when I was three. It was cold against my face and it was a really dark color but I was very pale. i don’t know how it turned out but it worked. I don’t remember the brand but I think it was Clinque or something. I think it started with a ‘C’ so it might be different. So, my first official foundation would be my Maybelline Pure Make up. I got it last month and its okay. I will do a review about it later.

2. First Powder:
I was so excited when my mom let me get my first make up product. I bought a Covergirl compact powder from Walmart and I was the one who picked the shade and surprisingly it matched my skin tone. She also let me get a clear mascara from Maybelline. I started using it on my 8th grade graduation and didn’t stop. So that night I had a white face and long lashes with just a coat of chapped stick. I was the only girl in my 8th grade class not wearing make up for the ceremony. I wasn’t even allowed to wear heels. My mom was really strict about this stuff. I was lucky enough to get my hair and nails done and she was a little mad about that. I’m glad now she has reduced her level of strictness and I still don’t wear heavy make up but just simple. I mean come on. i am 18!

3. First Eyeshadow:
I had a few but I think it was a Wet N Wild a neutral quad and a pink eyeshadow, a Revlon Eyeshadow quad and a Covergirl quad with outrageous blue colors. My mom just swiped the color on my lids. She put probably four layers so it can be noticed. I still have the quads in my old make up bag. I have no idea why i kept lots of it but its just memories for me.

4. First Mascara:

My mom let me get a clear mascara from Maybelline for my 8th graduation along with my pressed powder. I first got my first real mascara in 10th grade. And I got the Maybelline Great Lash in Brown ( I wasn’t allowed to use black yet) cause that was popular. I had such a hard time applying. Now I am so good at it but looking back I had always gotten it everywhere.

5. First Eyeliner:

The first eyeliner I got was when I was a senior in high school. I needed it for a play and so I decided to buy one on my own without my mom’s permission. It was a Maybelline Line Express in Black I had picked up at our local Rite-Aid. She had never noticed that wore it off and on when I felt like it. It ward to apply and I know I stabbed my eyes a few times but as soon as I mastered it I loved it. 

6. First Blush:
I thought blush was the coolest thing before. I loved to put it on my eyes and not just my cheeks. My mom had applied it all over my face that I looked like I was a strawberry. It was the classic Wet N Wild Blush in a very bright pink. 

7. First Concealer:
I actually got my first concealer last week. I know its kind of embarrassing. But after long hours of college work my bags have gotten worse so I took the plunge and bought a concealer for my under eye circles. It is a Revlon Anti-Age Concealer and I will do a review maybe in a day or so. I only used this product four times so I want to wait a little longer before I get it up. 

8. First Lip Color
My first lip product was Cover Girl Outlast Double Lip Shine. I sometimes skipped the color and applies the gloss. It was my favorite thing in high school. Now I just put a lip balm with a hint of color but back then I was for the dramatic lips. It even tasted good!

So those were my first make up products! I loved doing this tag and if you have any to suggest leave it in the comments. I might do a part to with more like first bronzer, high-end product stuff like that!.

Hope you do this tag! 


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  1. Melanie
    August 27, 2011 / 3:28 pm

    Thanks for completing the tag! It looks like we have a few of the same first products =)Love your blog btw!<3 Melanie @

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