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Hi Lovelies,

So, today for my second chit-chat I want to talk to you about just random things that made me happy this last week.

I had a documentary to shoot for my media class and I had to meet my guy friend at the mall so we wouldn’t have to go all the way to the campus and waste our time traveling. So, I meet him at McDonalds, at lunch and he wanted to go to a department store to check on a certain perfume for his mom’s birthday. I of course agreed and we strolled through the mall together. I went to that mall around 5 times since I have gone to college and I got to say it is pretty neat. This mall is located near a foreigner/rich community so the mall is pretty much developed for the kind of needs for this class of people.

I fell in love. No not with my guy friend but with the mall. It was the first time I actually explored it. I had gone with my best friend before but this time it was so totally different. They had the most amazing stuff and back then I wasn’t really into beauty stuff but now that I am I just stared at the perfection in front of me.

They had NARS, Clinique and some other high-end products. But unfortunately no MAC products. I live in the Philippines right now and I cannot find anything I need over here. I either have to ship it over to me or else it is extremely hard to find. So when I did find these products I just couldn’t control myself. My guy friend had to literally drag me out of the store while the sales lady just smiled and waved to us.

After my disappointment I was forced to leave the department store in a rush since I still needed to go to my cousin’s house to borrow some dvds for our documentary. We roamed the mall for a few more minutes and that is when magic struck again.

My guy friend couldn’t find the short cut so we took the long way out of the mall. I was so glad we did though. I had found the greatest part of the mall!! The beauty stores!! I was in heaven and I just needed to stop by but of course my guy friend said we head to go. I just stared at it.

There was a LUSH Store. I was so happy to see it since ever since I saw some great reviews I wanted to try their products. And there is a big beauty store that will satisfy all my needs. I just couldn’t believe what I had found and that made me so extremely and over the top happy.

At the end of the month when my money comes I will definitely go back and just go shopping crazy! I planned on what I want to buy and I am sure I will do a haul if I buy a lot. I am so glad that it is just walking distance from my college campus.

The day ended with me and my guy friend going to my cousins to film some segments. I do thank him though for showing me around (but not intentionally showing me the beauty stuff)  I do thank him since he has grown up here.

Be sure to watch out for my new series that I will post on my blog. I am so excited and have been procrastinating course work just to finalize this segment to post and I can’t wait for everyone to see it. After the editing of our documentary I will have it up.

What have you discovered this week that has made you happy? Leave it in the comments! 



  1. MC
    August 16, 2011 / 12:53 am

    What a great post…goodluck to your shopping spree soon! We need to spoil ourselves every once in a while. I can't wait to read about your series!well, this week I learned that I am already scheduled for operation. To some it sounds like a sad thing but to me it's a great moment, being strong for myself and my family and trusting that God will not let me down. More power to your blog dear, hoping you could follow mine. +)

  2. bbyvcs
    August 16, 2011 / 3:07 am

    OMG I am OBSESSED w/ LUSH!! I have tried pretty much every single product they have ever made. I absolutely lust after their Christmas line all year long. If you have ANY questions about their products at all feel free to just drop me a line :)You can reach me here:

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