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Hi Lovelies!

Today I will share with you my schedule of days I will post and what I plan to post. Everything will concern beauty and fashion and maybe some personal posts here and there. I plan on doing some reviews of various products I have tried, some hauls (since I always go shopping for some reason and I think I am turning into shopaholic) and some outfits, nails, hair and makeup for the day. I will post some things that I want to buy and why on the remaining days I’m not busy.

Sunday | Sunday Summaries
Weekly/Catchup post
it is when I have the most time during the week so this is where I will do big and long post about my favorites and a review or two. Some reviews may not be beauty related like a book review or a product review.

Monday | Mani Mondays
What’s on my nails
I will post all of my outfits I happen to wore that week since I usually only where regular clothes two days a week since my school is under a dress code of a uniform.

Wednesday | Wish List
Wish List of the week
This may be pretty long but I promise I will try to make it short. It might contain non-beauty related stuff like an electronic or book that I have been wanting that week. And at the end of the month I will give a summary if I bought anything from my wish list and combine the rest into that post.

Saturday | Fashion Finds
fashion picks

Any and all topics concerning anything beauty related. It may be another review or a trend I would like to try or just an article I found interesting in a local magazine or newspaper.

~I might not post everyday but I might post more on my days off. I really want to start writing again and I really want to follow my schedule of posting.

~On other days I might post when I have vacant time after my classes! <3


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