School Shopping 2011 Haul

Hi Lovelies!

It’s that time of year again where I start school. So classes began last week and I am not thrilled that I have to wake up early. Since I have just begun my sophomore year of college I have gotten used to the campus and the people. And as you know school shopping is the only fun thing every semester (in my case) I bought a lot of notebooks because I am so obsessed with the designs this year and plus I write a lot and have large handwriting so I totally need them.

First notebooks I have were a set and I thought they were so cute! So I know I’m already in college and all that but the Hello Kitty notebooks were just so my style and that is what matters to me. The pink is just simple but I wanted because its pink and the purple one is what I use most. I have so many post-it on it to keep organized and remember things. But I love that it’s multi-colored and has a fun French kind of feel. It cost around 220 pesos I think.

My last one I bought is for my creative writing class.(which is my favorite subject at the moment) I thought it would be cool since it’s like a journal type so that’s where I will write all my story ideas or planning stages and maybe a few short stories. And the detailing is gorgeous I am not really into the color blue but this one is just me. It has a pop of green with a little kind of turquoise. I spent more money on it but I thought it was worth it. I’m guessing it cost 400 pesos which is like $8 or so if its converted so I guess it’s kind of cheap.

I think you can tell that my notebooks are kind of small well they are since I am in the Philippines and I don’t need huge gigantic notebooks and binders any more. I do have my pink one that is definitely my favorite to use before because it kept me organized and I just got used to it. Now I think it’s just so convenient to have small notebooks especially when you want a cute fashionable purse like mine.

Okay, enough about notebooks I will move on to what is inside my pencil case. I have this thing about unique and over the top pens for some reason. Maybe because my dad makes them as his hobby so I just automatically get hooked on the designs and stuff. Right now I don’t have a picture of the pen my dad made for me but maybe in another post I can just randomly show you it. It is a Barbie pink and has a custom design and I promise you it’s just so cute and me! So the four heart pens I bought for 20 pesos (Philippine money) each and I guess it’s kind of a good value. I think if you convert it to dollars it’s like 10 cents or something like that. I like the way it writes and its very light so I can’t complain. I also have my mechanical pencil which is the pink one right there. I kind of use it more since I hate when I mess up with pens. I have correction tape but I hate seeing it on my paper and it just distracts me and after I use it I always have an urge to play with the tape and I spend more time messing around instead of getting my work done. I usually just try to use it on important papers like assignments and stuff but I usually just use pencil to write in my notebook. Next are my purple and pink pens. Their ink is actually pink and purple. I just use them for color coding and make lines and stuff. They don’t really get used often though. Now on to my post-it book things. I mark my pages that are important and stuff. I love their neon colors and that they pop on my paper. I might buy more since I probably used half and I did play with some of them so I need more. And finally the case itself I kind of got a child one but who cares its cute and it came with a matching pencil, ruler, sharpener, eraser set thing. I don’t use it but I saved it cause of the print on it.

Now here is all of it. I tried to get everyone in the picture and I think I accomplished it. I love the array of colors I picked I kind of got all my favorite colors so it’s a plus. And did you see my cute water bottle is of course pink. Can you believe that I had a classmate ask me if pink was my favorite color? Well, duh it kind of is. I had mostly my pink stuff out so she asked. Kind of a dumb question cause it was kind of obvious.

(toke these pictures on my kitchen table 🙂 hehe!)

I don’t have a picture of my bag. I was going to but then I decided not to. I kind of want to do a vlog about what’s in my bag so I thought I would wait. I’m not sure yet. But I really want to since I see so many on youtube. I just want to practice being in front of the camera since it is what I am studying in my course.

That was long but I enjoyed typing up my first blog entry. I might do a fashion edition of my back-to-school thing. I don’t want to say too much now but I might write it up and post it next week.

Thank you so much for reading and stuff.

(had to crop out my cousin!)


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