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Feel free to contact me regarding anything at all. I reply to questions/comments daily and usually get back to emails pretty quickly too. These are many ways in which you can keep up to date with everything going on at fashionxfairytale and with my own personal life.

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I happily welcome any PR opportunities relevant to the contents of this blog so do get in touch if you are interested. I am more then grateful to advertise your clothing brand/jewellery line/make-up product & etc... I love working with small organizations like big cartels, and people's etsy shops, so please get in touch at

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  1. Hi Jackie! I love your blog. Just a quick question, what font did you use for your header "fashion fairytale?"


Thanks for commenting! You really make my day. If you want to know anything more contact me on twitter @fashxfairytale or by email! <3

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