My 2017 Outfits

Happy Friday! Also happy 2018! As this is my first blog post of the new year. I took a bit of break for the New Year but I am back and will be kicking things off with a post on all my favorite outfits I wore in 2017. It is so cool to see all my outfits in one post and see how my style has changed and seeing how I dress for different seasons. I embraced the trends and tried a lot of them this year which I really liked. I show you how I dressed for the Spring with some girly outfits and then I show you how I dressed in Palawan for the summer and continue it until I embraced a little bit of the autumn styling. Then I dressed up for Halloween and made everyday outfits in to costumes. Last is I tried out winter styling and showed you how I wore sweaters and layers plus my festive holiday dressing too. A lot of different outfits and a lot accessories, jewelry and so much more. So here are all my favorite outfits and the links to each one!

Those were my outfits from 2017! That is quite a lot and I love to see all my outfits as a whole through the entire year. I can't wait to see what 2018 brings for outfits. I love watching seeing my style evolve and styling outfits together the entire year for different occasions and seasons. I'm looking forward to seeing the fashion trends and to see if I try any and how I will be styling them. Let me know what your favorite outfit was for you and which one out of all of mine was your fave. I'd love to know as I can't decide over here. So I hope you got a bit of style inspiration and I hope to see you next year with a roundup of even more outfits!

What was your favorite fashion trend in 2017?