Tulle We Meet Again | What I Wore

It's Not Tulle Late

Happy Tuesday! Another outfit featuring a tulle skirt. At this point I don't think you will be surprised they are my favorite thing to wear at the moment. Also my cousin sent me this site that has all these tulle puns so I thought I would use them in this post so get ready for all of them. I thought it was so cool and I related so much that it had to be featured. So enough about that tulle we begin!

I'm in love with this outfit I styled and I love that this is edgy but girly at the same time and combines my personal aesthetic with one I don't normally go for. My top is a crop top and it has this rose gold floral pattern on it that as I said makes it grunge but still have a girlyness to it. I could have worn this skirt lower at my waist but I made it high-waisted and it still was long enough to be a decent length. Speaking of the skirt, this tulle skirt is my all time favorite trend and will forever hold a place in my heart. The one I am wearing today is a similar variant to the sparkly black one I wore on New Years Eve here. However this one is blush pink and has silver sparkle all through out it unlike the black one had gold sparkle running through it. The waistband on this is just a line of silver sparkle but the good thing about this skirt is it isn't rough nor does any of the glitter fall off so you won't be covered in glitter all day which could be a good and also bad thing at the same time trust me. The skirt is so fun to twirl in and also has this feminine and dainty effect when you wear it. Tulle skirts are becoming an essential in my wardrobe and I hope they are here to stay as I can't bare not to wear one on the daily now. There are just so many variations and colors that it is such a thrill to style and so easy to go with a lot of pieces I already own. If you don't own a tulle skirt I highly recommend at least one and see how princess like you will feel in it if that doesn't convince you I don't know what will.

For the accessories I made them all be matching. I wanted my black bag to match my black wedges and kind of go with the darkness of the top. My statement necklace has blushed pink tones to match the skirt and lastly a matching blush pink bow to go all together. I love my earrings because they are blush pink heart shaped studs. Those were everything that went with the outfit and all those little details. 

| top: Forever 21 {similar}, skirt: Forever 21, bag: Forever 21, shoes: Lower East Side,
necklace: Forever 21, earrings: Forever 21, bow: Forever 21, lipstick: Colourpop Clueless |

That is another tulle outfit I wore. I've spent the weekend planning something really fun for my blog. I don't know if you could tell but I have been feeling a bit of a blogging slump lately and I think I finally found what could fix it or maybe help me get out of it. I love planning and so when I have something to plan for it gets me really excited. Hopefully March and April will be so fun as I have so much planned for those two months so far and I cannot wait to share with you all that is in store for then. I hope you are enjoying my tulle skirt outfits as I love them and they are so fun to style. Have a lovely week ahead lovelies!

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What would you love to wear with the tulle skirt and make it your style?
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Too Faced Merry Kissmas | Review & Swatches

It's a Holly Jolly Kissmas

Happy Saturday! I know you may be thinking or really confused about what month it is right now but it is actually still is February as I am writing this but I still wanted to review this Too Faced Lippie Set I got myself for Christmas. It took all this time to get the pictures done and test it out to give a proper review. I opened this gift on New Years so it was after Christmas and with so many things going on it is finally here. I really wanted to get this for myself and I'm glad I did as this is the perfect thing to try from the brand as this is my first time I am dipping my toes in the Too Faced world and the obsession is starting to get real. I've been using them ever since I opened it and it is time to give my thoughts on them. It's better late than never so here are my thoughts and swatches on the Too Faced Merry Kissmas Christmas Collection 2016.

Description (from website): Kisses for every occasion! Have a very Merry Kissmas with four clutch-size tubes of cult-favorite Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks in original, chocolate and matte formulas. Melted Lipstick comfortably coats lips in bursts of intense colour that lasts for hours. The set includes deluxe-sizes of Too Faced best-selling Melted shades in Chihuahua and Fig, plus a mini Melted Matte in Lady Balls and Melted Chocolate in Honey—infused with antioxidant-rich cocoa powder and decadent chocolate aroma.

Where to buy: Sephora Philippines. This set cost 1,502php that comes with 4 mini samples of the Melted Chocolate in Honey, Melted in Chihuahua & Melted in Fig with 5 ml worth of product and in Melted Matte in Lady Balls with 4.4ml worth of product that comes in deluxe sizes and 4 to try in the set.

First off this packaging is too die for. I mean just look at the outer box packaging on this and tell me you are not in love with it at first sight. The lipsticks come in a paper box. On the front it has a cute little illustration and openings on it to view each of the lipsticks. It has all the info about them on the back like the introduction about them, swatches and ingredients. Inside it has the holder of the lipstick match the colors of the shades the lipstick it comes in too. I am keeping the box just for this gorgeous packaging. As for the lipsticks all four of them come in deluxe size replicas of their full size components. So three of the four lipsticks come in squeeze tubes with a sponge tip applicator and then the fourth one which is the matte one comes in a traditional tube with a doe foot applicator like many other liquid lipsticks on the market these days.

The value set contains 2 deluxe size Melted lipsticks and 1 deluxe size Melted Chocolate lipstick which contain 0.16oz of product each. Then it has a deluxe size Melted Matte Lipstick which contains 0.12oz of product. I paid about 1,502php for this set which is about $30.00 but in other places the retail price was $25.00 but since I live in Manila the price is a bit higher for makeup goods. I got this calculation for the breakdown of the products to see if it was worth it from another site since I am terrible in math and will not be able to figure it out and break it down for you so if you are curious and want to know if it is worth it read it below:

Both collections retail for $21.00 each. Therefore, if we break down the price of the set based on the full size product, the total of value of the set is $36.16 ($8.40 for the Melted & Melted Chocolate & $10.96 for the Melted Matte). Hence, that is a savings of $11.16 if you purchase the set.

Application & Staying Power
The Too Faced Melted Lipsticks are like traditional lipsticks from a bullet except it is melted into a squeeze tube with a sponge tip applicator. The sponge applicator is pretty to apply with and the lipstick goes on well. They are creamy and the finish is a satin finish. It is not quite glossy but not totally matte as well. They have a satin finish and are very comfortable to wear on the lips. The product applied very sheer at first so I applied more on the lips and in my swatches but the formula is buildable and can be made darker and more opaque with just a few more layers. They are so comfortable on the lips and long lasting, they just feel like a slightly thicker lip balm on the lips. They all set down pretty quickly and it is pretty long lasting yet doesn't feel drying on the lips. I found that Lady Balls was so easy to apply and went on so effortlessly on the lips that I only needed one quick swipe. I was able to wear it for almost three hours longer than the other melted lipsticks in this set. However, it does transfer a bit but once it settles it is there until you want it off or if you eat a heavy meal. The lipstick lasts a pretty long time on me which is a good amount of time but if you avoid eating anything oily it can last the whole time you are out. The lipstick wore well even with the transfer issues at the beginning of application. After a while though the color still looked great on my lips. This color in particular at the end of the day leaves a stain. The Chihuahua one I felt the color faded evenly and so I didn’t mind having to reapply as it left behind a delicate stain which was actually very pretty. All three of the Melted ones lasted about 6 hours and leave a nice stain after without any heavy eating especially with anything oily since this is quite creamy in texture.

Melted in Chihuahua & Fig and Melted Chocolate in Honey
Color & Pigmentation
The Merry Kissmas Lipstick Set includes three of the Melted Lipsticks. This set includes three different melted formulas in original and chocolate. The three shades included are: Chocolate Honey is a muted medium brown with peachy undertones, Chihuahua is a dusty mauve and Fig is a purple toned pink with slight neutral to warm undertones. The Chocolate Honey is actually an almost peachy nude brown but based on the packaging I thought it was going to be too brown but it is not. The Melted lipsticks smell sweet and are not artificial smelling which I hate when they are like that but these are really good. I love that Honey smells like chocolate. It's not a bad artificial chocolate smell but it smells amazing and like real chocolate that you can eat. Chihuahua is a light rosy brown and it is a great MLBB (my lips but better) color for me which is absolutely beautiful. Fig is a lovely mauve pink that flatters everyone and a lot of skin tones. For me both Fig and Chihuahua looked pretty similar in swatches and on the lips bu they actually aren't because Fig is a rosy orchid, while the Chihuahua is a light dusty mauve. All have pretty great pigmentation and can be built up. The lightest one is Chihuahua and it builds up nicely though so it maks up for that.

Lady Balls
Color & Pigmentation
The Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick in Lady Balls is a matte true red. This is a true deep classic holiday red and does look great for that time of year. According to the brand it is a "true red” color and I have to agree with that. It did have a slight blue undertone in it however I think the blue undertones are extremely subtle and minimal that you can't really see it. In some lights it has orange-reds hints as well but in the end it is a very flattering red and looks so good and is the best deep red I own now. The Melted Matte Lipstick formula is amazing. It is one of the most comfortable matte formulas I have tried. It does not feel drying at all and the formulation is surprising because of its matte texture. As for the formula, I was impressed with how light it was for such an opaque finish. The pigmentation of this blew me away and I didn't have to redip the applicator in it cover my lips in one go and that is amazing and good quality for me. Maybe it is this particular color is opaque one right away or maybe I need to try a lighter color to prove this but if it is the same then that is superb pigmentation. It is extremely pigmented and it does not feel like a liquid lipstick. I wouldn't say it is moisturizing or anything like that but it is quite smooth and not noticeable on. I love this shade and it is so comfortable to wear on the lips. So far this is becoming a part of my all time favorite liquid lipsticks list making me I highly recommend them!

As you can see it has amazing quality and the swatches went on quite well. All have great color and as you see great pigmentation on the arm but on the lips it is the same and can cover the lips quite well. Lady Balls is very deep and blue toned on my pale arm but on the lips it isn't and looks very flattering on. It dries to a true matte and when I took these it wasn't fully set yet so it gets even more of a matte finish especially on the lips. Fig is a gorgeous purple and on my arm it is quite a bold purple but on the lips it is a nice berry and is as glossy on the arm as it is on the lips as well. Chihuahua is very light on my arm and when I first saw this swatch it would not be opaque on the lips but it is and I built it up on the swatch here to give emphasis to see its color. It is a nice my lips but better shade with a rosy tint to it. Chocolate Honey looks really similar to Chihuahua in the arm swatch but on the lips they aren't. The chocolate one is more a my lips but better with a brownish tint and far more opaque especially on the lips. Overall they have great pigmentation and look amazing.

Overall Experience
Overall I love these lipsticks from this set and it has great value and amazing quality. I enjoyed using each one and with it's unique packaging it makes it so appeasing to the eyes as well and I loved the ones in the set. I'm pretty happy with these and I do recommend it because it has great value for what you get. There are 4 shades to choose from and you get a variety and the products have pretty good pigmentation. If you get a chance you should pick them up as I saw it is in stock in a few places still and only the packaging is Christmas themed but the lipsticks can be used all year round. I wasn't disappointed with the quality and it lived up to the hype I was reading about it. I must also say that this is a great product for someone who would want to try their lippie offerings for the first time like myself and now I am converted to trying more. Have you tried any of the Too Faced lippies they offer yet?

My rating is:
I'll give it 5/5 because I love everything about this. I have no faults and each one surprised me. It's kind of affordable it depends how you look at it but for what you get it is a great value, has great color options and is a the packaging is such a great idea for this product. The best thing was you get to try four of their variants and different shades that are really flattering and can complement many skin tones with this whole set. So it was pretty amazing I think and would love to buy more of the shades to try them out and the colors they have. I'm betting it would be best for you if you want good pigmentation, good performance, and lovely packaging!

That's it for this review of these Too Faced Lippies. This set is an amazing sampler of all the melted liquid lipstick line that Too Faced has to offer and I recommend it because the quality of the lipsticks is superb and the packaging is to die for and oh so swoon worthy in my opinion. In addition, you get to try four shades from three different collections. I hope you enjoyed this review even if it was a little late. I still wanted to get it up since this is the first Too Faced product I tried and it was so worth it. I also picked up another few pieces of this Christmas collection on really good discount so I will reviewing in due time as well so look out for that but for now I won't give any details but that. So until my next beauty review! Have a lovely rest of your weekend!

What is your thoughts on the Too Faced Lippies if you've tried any?
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Pink & Red Valentine's Day Manicure | On My Nails

Be My Valentine Nails

Happy Thursday! I'm continuing Valentine's week with my manicure inspire by the colors associated with the holiday. I love doing my nails for different occasions so naturally when I went to get my nails done for the month I requested pink and red. Now without a long intro I'll just show you my Valentine's Day 2017!

| Gel Manicure - Just got them done |

For the past couple of months I have been getting my nails done at California Nails and Spa in Festival Mall and I usually just get a gel manicure. I've gone back there so often I feel like I'm going to a friends house to get my nails done/ As always I would disclose if this was sponsored or I get my nails done for free there but I pay every single time I just love that place I have to rave about it. they are so accommodating and I love getting a sticker each time on my loyalty card to get a free manicure. As I said this month I went with a pink theme with a touch of red. I base my color choices on the month or the season or in this case if any holidays are coming up. I'm quite happy with this month's manicure that is why I dedicated a whole blog post on them.

The colors I went with are a cured gel but I remember the numbers. I choose number 10 for the pink and I think 26 for the sparkly red but I am not sure if it is the universal color so it may vary at every salon. I knew I wanted a pink and this one caught my eye as it is a nice in between pink that isn't too light or not too bright at the same time. It also has fine gold glitter so in the sun it catches the light and is even prettier sparkling. I wasn't originally going to go for red on my accent as I was tired of red since I still had my Christmas nails and I was looking at my red nails for almost 2 months. If you're curios to see what those look like I did a post on them here. However when I saw their new arrival of this sparkly red I was originally wanted for Christmas I couldn't resist. It just came in and hadn't been used yet so I was the first and the color looked so nice on.It took about 5 layers to get the result on my nail but I think next time I would get a red base color with 1 layer and then add the red sparkle on top. It isn't thick though and dries really fast so it is fine. The pink is 3 layers but it was opaque in 2 but I wanted that extra layer to last. The manicure lasts almost two months but isn't perfect anymore and I proved that last month. This is perfect for me and it lasts until my next appointment and I start the cycle over again.

I'm really in love with my nails this month and I just can't help stare at them while typing up this blog post. Speaking of typing it can withstand all my tipping and so far no chipping it is perfect for a blogger like me or anyone always typing.So those were my Valentine's Day nails and I love the colors I choose and how good they went together. It is so nice getting your nails done and I do recommend it. Let's see what next months look like and what I go for next month.

What did your nails look like on Valentine's Day?
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Perfect Valentine's Day Outfit | What I Wore

Red Heart Balloons

Happy Tuesday! Also Happy Valentine's Day! As you can already guess by the title and pictures, this is my Valentine's Day outfit. I love dressing up even though I'm not doing anything because it is just so fun and it's an excuse to get dolled up and wear my favorite colors together. I actually really love what I wore this year and can't wait to tell you more about it.

I'll tell you a little secret about this outfit and that is the top I'm wearing is actually a dress. In fact it is actually last year's Valentine's Day dress. So this outfit just shows you how to recycle last year's dress and style it differently for this year and years coming up. This red lace dress I bought at Forever 21 and it actually came in handy throughout the year. I wore it by itself, I wore it with a denim skirt for Fourth of July here and I wore it with tights and a sweater on top of it for Christmas here. The point is I wore it many times and it has become a staple in my wardrobe since I can style it different ways and was able to create different looks from this one dress. At the time of buying it I had no clue if I would even wear this red dress again but it turns out it was worth it. So if you are still debating about one than you should jump at the chance and buy it.

As for the rest of my outfit I added a white a line skirt which I don't normally go for. I usually buy a skater style skirt or a fit and flair but I actually like this and love the scallop and embroidery on the hem to add a girly detail. Next is my Blair Waldorf cardigan as I call it. I actually had another one in mind but I couldn't find it so I brought this one out instead. It was pretty hot while shooting this so I just had it over my shoulders that I have seen a lot recently. I loved how it added to the outfit however it did come in handy in the evening as I was heading home because the wind and cold front got to me and glad I had another layer to keep me warm. I didn't go too much for the accessories with this outfit. The jewelry I have my stone heart necklace, some diamond bow earrings and a few bracelets. May bag added a more vibrant pop of red to match my lipstick and last detail is this white hair bow ponytail that was my favorite part of this outfit. My shoes are just some black ballet flats but I would have liked to find some red ones but none of the stores had my size so I went with black. 

| top: Forever 21 {similar}, cardigan: Macy's, skirt: H&M,
shoes: Lower East Side, bag: Forever 21, necklace: Heirloom {similar},
bow: Forever 21, lipstick: Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick in Lady Balls |

That is my Valentine's Day outfit! There is actually a funny story while taking this outfit and I thought it would be fun to share. First I wore this outfit to Tagaytay where my parent's own property and they were going up there so I decided to go with them and just take it while I'm there. It turns out they were going for business and I ran out of sun and couldn't take the pictures. So I rescheduled, on Wednesday I had my nail appointment and it was in the evening and I know I could have taken it in the afternoon but I wanted my nails to be pretty and I got them Valentine's themed so I couldn't do it then. While I was at the mall, after getting my nails done I saw these balloons and they could go perfect so I bought them to add as props. Then on Thursday I was all dressed and ready to take the pictures but it turns out my camera broke. I only own one DSLR and take all my pictures and videos on it. I was so upset that the auto focus on the lens got stuck and I couldn't take pictures with it even the manual focus was broke so I was pretty sad and my dad offered me to use his Samsung S6 and I did but it wasn't the same for me. I then went back to a mall a whole other city away to check on a new lens and it turns out it was a tad out of my budget for the month. So my dad and I go to dinner since he felt bad for me and thought some food would cheer me up (which it did for a while) but as we sat down I showed my cousin who was our driver the lens and he popped it open by accident and it started focusing. It was just stuck. That night I played with the settings and got it ready for the next day. Now on Friday I got to the same place I was at Thursday (made sure my camera was working before I left) and it turns out there was a big Valentine's Day fair and pretty decorations also it was a sunny day. Thursday it was gloomy, about to rain and no decorations in sight. So the point I'm trying to make with this long story was I think it was fate my camera didn't want to work on Thursday so I could go back on Friday and get these amazing pictures. The third times the charm saying really does work especially with this case. It's just so weird and I do kind of believe in the phrase everything happens for a reason. If my camera had worked on Thursday these would have turned out so differently and now I'm glad it didn't because I enjoyed Friday so much more and there will be a vlog of the whole thing coming soon but I thought I would include this story as it is funny now but while it was happening I was so pissed about everything.

That was my outfit and a little story of how my week went. I hope whatever you did together was enjoyable and you spent it how you wanted it to with or without someone. My Valentine this year was my dad again but he got me these balloons and a gigantic heart balloon too which if you read yesterday's post than you would have seen how much I love receiving balloons. I'm going to go watch more Netflix and steal some of my cousin's chocolate now. Again, happy hearts day from me to you!

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What is your favorite color to wear on Valentine's: red, pink or white?
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